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Caretaking services

What does the caretaking service consist of?

Lady cleaning floor

It consists of:

  • one estates services manager
  • three estates services supervisors
  • one administration support officer
  • 34 caretakers across the borough
  • a fleet of vehicles and equipment to deliver this service

Caretaking duties

Day to day tasks

  • litter picking
  • cleaning
  • sweeping
  • mopping and polishing
  • additional scheduled caretaking to meet the caretaking standards including wall washing to internal shared areas

Cleaning maintenance

  • floor maintenance
  • polishing
  • carpet cleaning
  • deep cleaning
  • jet washing of refuse chutes and bins

Lumber removal

For lumber removal please contact our household special collections services

Bin rotations

These are necessary on sites with refuse chutes to ensure the maximum capacity of available bins are used, so waste doesn't overflow. Rotations are undertaken across all estates with bulk bins on a daily basis and on weekends for certain estates with nine tower blocks.

Sheltered housing

Two full-time teams of two cover all 22 schemes and deal with cleaning of internal communal areas. Two further teams visit each scheme once a week to deal with external area.

Caretaking and ground maintenance

We want to maintain our green spaces, trees, shrub beds and planted areas to the highest possible standard.

If there is a problem with a grassed area, shrub bed, tree or other planted area near you, we want to hear from you. We will treat your report on a confidential basis. If you prefer, you can be anonymous.

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