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Schools - permanent exclusions

My child/child in my care has just been permanently excluded - what should I do?

You need to ensure that you keep your child off the streets during school hours (unless there is a justifiable reason ) for the first five school days after a permanent exclusion.

If you have not been contacted, you will need to ring the School Placement and Admissions Team and ask to talk to the Access Officer who will arrange to meet you and your child in order to offer support. Contact us on 01895 558670.

What is the purpose of the Access Officer's meeting?

It is to discuss how you can make representations to the Discipline Committee of the Governing body for your child, so as to get them reinstated in the school.

  • Discipline committee meetings
  • To hear what your wishes, as well as your child's are.
  • To honestly consider the educational options that are open for your child which will address his/her needs.

What happens in the mean time?

You are required to ensure that your child is not found in a public place during normal school hours, for the first five days as parents/carers may be subject to a fixed notice penalty fine.

  • Local authorities are required by section 101 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 and associated regulations to provide suitable full time education for all permanently excluded pupils from and including the sixth school day of their exclusion.
  • www.education.gov.uk

My child has Special Educational Needs. Surely the permanent exclusion will affect his/her education?

Guidance on exclusions states that other than in the most exceptional of circumstances, schools should avoid permanently excluding pupils with statements.

  • The school could liase with the LA about initiating an interim review of the pupil's statement and the head teacher might be persuaded to withdraw the exclusion.
  • If this is not possible the Local Authority should provide the number of hours set out in the statement if not the statement might need to be amended to set out the mile-stones in a staged return to full time hours.

I want my child to go to another mainstream school, how do I do that?

He/she might not go straight to school depending on his/her educational as well as Social Emotional Behavioural needs. The Access Officer will guide you.

Is there any kind of support outside school available for my child?

You can refer your child for support from other young people who were permanently excluded before, have made positive changes to their lives and have been trained to offer strategies that will help your child to make better choices.

Should my child go to the Pupil Referral Unit how long is that going to be?

If your child is in Key Stage 3 this might be for a period of 12 weeks after which his/her needs will be re-assessed by the teachers as well as the Educational Psychologist. Hopefully they will then be placed in an appropriate mainstream school. If your child is in Key Stage 4 they might remain in the PRU until the end of year 11.

Mainstream education is not good for my child. Is there a possibility of a college course?

Colleges do run courses for Key Stage 4 pupils who have disaffected from mainstream education. You might be asked to help your child to find Work Experience relating to the course which he or she is doing.

What if I refuse or my child refuses to attend the placement that has been offered?

An effort will be made to find a placement that will work for your child but should all efforts fail, you might be prosecuted under the 1996 Education Act Section 444 for your child's non attendance of a named education provider. A school attendance order may also be issued.

Who decides what education placement is appropriate for my child?

The London Borough of Hillingdon Managed Move & Inclusion Panel decides on placements basing their decision on the school report, you and your child's wishes.

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