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Schools - fixed period exclusions

What happens to my child's education during the period that they have been excluded?

Schools have an obligation to provide education during this period. Statutorily, the school has a duty to arrange suitable full time educational provision from and including the sixth day starting in September 2007.

As the school only has to provide full time education on the sixth day, what happens during the first five days?

The school is required to provide work while your child is at home.You will be required to ensure that your child is not found in a public place during normal school hours without reasonable justification as parents may be subject to a fixed notice penalty fine as from September 2007.

How many days can a head teacher exclude for?

Regulations allow head teachers to exclude a pupil for one or more fixed periods not exceeding 45 days in one school year. This applies to the child and not the institution.

How long should fixed period exclusions be?

A fixed period exclusion should be as long as is necessary. If it is too long it makes reintegration back into school difficult. Ofsted inspection evidence suggests 1-3 days are often long enough to secure the benefits without adverse educational consequences.

My child keeps being excluded for the same misbehaviour, is this right?

Head teachers should consider alternative strategies for addressing that behaviour and this may mean eliciting support from the Local Authority's Behaviour Support Team or Educational Psychologist.

Is a lunch time exclusion the same as a fixed period exclusion?

Yes it is and it should be taken as one half of a school day.

How long should lunch time exclusions last?

Lunch time exclusions like any other fixed period exclusion should not be indefinite as this would be illegal.

Are head teachers allowed to send pupils home to cool off after an incident without a letter or any verbal notification of the parents/carers?

In every instance when a pupil is sent home for disciplinary reasons, head teachers should formally record and specify the length of the exclusion.

  • They should also ensure that they are meeting their legal duty of care towards pupils and that parents are formally notified of the exclusion.
  • Child protection issues have to be taken into account especially to do with age and vulnerability and ensuring that the parent /carer is at home.

How does the head teacher ensure that my child's return to school is as smooth as it possibly can?

The head teacher must arrange a reintegration interview with parents following the expiry of any fixed period exclusion of a primary aged child, or six or more school days of a secondary aged child.

When can a reintegration meeting be held?

On the day the child returns to school. If that is not possible it must be held at a mutually convenient time between three days prior to the pupil's return to school and fifteen days following the day on which he or she returns to school.

  • At this meeting the school may offer a parenting contract as an early intervention measure to deal with emerging behaviour problems and also help the parent to access the support they need.

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