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Play is the universal language of children. Play enables me to work, live and be with others.

Father and baby

Creating your own home learning environment

Having time and space to play gives children the opportunity to meet and socialise with their friends, keeps them physically active, and gives the freedom to choose what they want to do.

Junk modelling with a friend

Invite a friend over, set out a variety of cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, paper plates/cups, string, straws, old CD's, fabric pieces etc. Provide glue, tape, staples and string. Encourage the children to create whatever they like or are interested in.

Mummy, daddy and me

Your two year old will be a curious and impulsive explorer of his/her environment and will now want to be as independent as possible.

Encourage this natural curiosity by taking walks together, touch and feel plants, flowers, notice the weather.
Play seasonal games, such as conker and acorn hunts in the autumn or finding daisies in the spring.

Building block for development

Respond cube "My brain grows better when you respond to me!"

Sit next to your child or sit them on your lap. Model making funny faces and new or interesting sounds with your child.
Then wait and watch and see if they copy or make new ones. Copy what the child does and encourage them to make up new ones.

Play = 'All I need for learning'

Sharing, taking turns, getting along with others, following and giving directions and being a part of a group are all skills that we need as adults in the work place. Playing gives children time to practice, rehearse and try out their developing skills. Making a kite

Make and do

Get active

All children should be physically active for at least one hour a day. You can help by encouraging your child to find activities they enjoy, and by building physical activity into family life.

Take your child to the park or playground at least twice a week this month!

One reason why physical activity in childhood is so important is because it helps your child to maintain a healthy weight through life.

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