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Get messy - Touch, feel, see, smell and learn.

Three children playing

Creating your own home Learning Environment

Young children need to move, to learn and remember things, to take experiences in through their senses as they move. Sitting still for too long can disrupt learning.

Go on an Insect hut

Get a large Tupperware container from your cupboards. Fill it with moss, grass, stones and leaves. Go through your garden and hunt and collect insects and place them in their new home!

Set up an insect picnic for them and share lunch together.

Mummy, daddy and me

4 year olds are very open to possibilities and have an enthusiasm for using ideas and materials in lots of different ways. For example, a saucepan can be a spaceman's helmet.

Support your child's growing creativity and imagination by providing simple props for their pretend play. A box of hats and bags can provide hours of fun and enjoyment, and you will be helping your child express their own individual ideas and thoughts as they pretend to be someone or something else.

Building block for development

"My brain grows better when you talk with me!"

Take you child/ren on a walk. Talk about things you see, things you hear and things you feel. Name them, share ideas about them, re-create the sounds they make and find something funny or scary or exciting about the things your child is the most interested in.

Talk about your favourite things and why.  Repeat the words you've used over and over so the child can learn them.

Child getting messy Play = 'All I need for Learning'

If I see it, feel it, hear it, I learn all about it.

When the senses are engaged, memories are made.

Paper aeroplane Make and do!

Make and fly paper aeroplanes with your children!

Visit this web clip to find out how to make a free and easy, yet effective paper aeroplane. Explore other types that may fly!.

Get active

Toys that your child can pick up and move around will help improve their co-ordination and develop the muscles in their arms and hands.

Play a hide and seek game!

Hide your child's favourite items around your home or garden. When they find them encourage them to create a game with their toys!

The more opportunities you give them to burn off energy, the happier they'll be. 

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