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'l get more from play when you play with me.

Child playing with a clothes horse

Creating your own home learning environment

Representing ideas and experiences

Children deepen their understanding as they recreate experiences or communicate their thinking in many different ways; in role-play or small world play, pictures, movements, models, and talk.

Doll play

Gather a selection of dolls, teddies, stuffed toys or action figures along with a baby bath, lotion, diapers, towels, powder, clothes, baby toys etc.

Play and recreate giving the doll a bath, modelling for your child how to complete this task in full, playing alongside them, labelling their actions and introducing new words and concepts.

Mummy, daddy and me

Children of 3 will chat to themselves as they play. They are developing their own creative use of grammar 
and pronunciation. They can even make up their own new words and practice using words they have heard you saying.

By providing small world toys, such as dolls houses, farms, garages, soft toys and puppets, you can encourage your child to try out using new words and, by spending time together, they can learn all about conversations.

Building block for development Cuddle

'When I am close to you my body begins to work in tune with yours. 
When you feel excited or stressed your heart beasts faster and so does mine. When you feel calm your heart 
beats slower, so does mine.'

Have 'Sofa Time' with your child each day for 10 minutes.

Spend time reading a favourite book or talking about an activity from the day or just chatting about whatever the child wants to talk about with you!

Play = 'All I need for learning'

From the moment children are born they are actively seeking out stimulation and opportunity. Children handpainting

Their brains have extra cell connections which either grow or die, depending on the response from those around them. The way we stimulate a child shapes the brain structure.

What happens in the early years has a direct impact on the child's capacity for living, learning and relating as a social being.
The child needs adults to be:

  • Sensitive
  • Regularly available and reliable
  • Warm
  • Responsive
  • Consistent

Children being creative Make and do

Make a collage with your children!

Find out how to make beautiful, 3D and attractive - yet nearly free collages. 

Get active

Do what you can to get your children interested in Sports! 

Support your kids in sports, clubs or any other activities that may interest them. 

Joining a weekend club sport ensures commitment to a team and regular exercise.

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