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When I play I learn about what makes me happy.

Father and son

Creating your own home learning environment

Meeting physical and mental challenges

Working out what to do, trying hard, persevering with problems, finding out and thinking for themselves are opportunities for developing real understanding. These challenges may occur in play, or in real-life or planned activities.

Pots and pans play

Set out a variety of pots, pans, safe cooking utensils, spoons, forks, bowls; along with dried pasta, beans, rice and/ or lentils. Play cooking, pouring, filling and emptying games with your child and use language to extend their understanding of various concepts and action words.

Child faces

Mummy, daddy and me

By six months old, your baby sees and hears the world almost as well as you do. His/her communication skills are expanding rapidly too, including squeals, bubbling sounds and babbling.

Sharing books with your child comes into its own now, as s/he will enjoy looking at bright pictures and having a quiet snuggle on your lap. Reading provides an opportunity for cuddling and socialising that both you and your baby can enjoy.

As you share the pictures repeat to your baby any sounds that they make, acknowledging you are pleased with their efforts.

Building block for development Relax

Find some of your own time to do the special things that help you relax. You have to look after yourself well if you want to look after your children well.

Talk to a friend, relative or professional this month to tips for soothing an upset baby

All I need for learning

That can we do in our setting?

A teacher's perception of a student's intelligence strongly affects the student's own view of his or her ability, and the pupil's opinions of peers are heavily influenced by such perceptions.
Oxford Brookes 2000

Make sure you support children in feeling good about themselves.

Make and do

Love flowers and plants and watching them grow?

Your child will too!
Find out how to make beautiful and effective tray garden »

Get active

Make sure you get plenty of variety

Make a list of enjoyable activities your family like to take part in, such as dancing and climbing, cycling or bug hunting, and place them in a jar.

Pick a different activity to do each week as a family.

By varying your activities, you are less likely to get bored and lose interest.

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