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Learning: it's not just about table work.

Two young children playing in the garden

"All this sitting down stops me learning"

Creating your own home learning Environment

Playing - indoors and out, alone and with others, quietly or boisterously - allows children to find out about things, try out and practise ideas and skills, take risks, explore their feelings, learn from mistakes, be in control and think imaginatively. Playing is an important centre of learning for young children.

Den building

Gather a variety of objects and place in your garden or garage this month for your children to create dens from. (Chairs, mats, blankets, large sticks, large pieces of fabric, cushions, baskets, string, laundry pegs, etc) 

Allow your children to create the den however they choose. You can also support them in making even more complex dens when you have time to play with them. They will learn so much from your ideas too!

Mummy, daddy and me

It is not unusual for 2 1/2 year olds to stop and start in their flow of speech.

They have to gather their thoughts and are trying to express something for which they don?t have all the words.

Your child's language benefits enormously from having your attention, patience and encouragement. Really try to show an interest in what your child is saying or asking. 

This is the beginning of the 'what and why' questions and it can be exhausting, but remember, your child is only trying to find out about their world.

Play cube Building block for development

Playing helps me make sense of my world. I can find out how things work and fit together. I copy what 
you do and begin to find out how it feels to be a person who can do things. 

Make sure you let me play on my own sometimes so I can experience this.

Place all your Tupperware and wooden spoons and other safe kitchen items on the floor and allow your child to explore and build and create with them.

Play = 'All I need for Learning'

Child playing with hammer We remember

  • 10% of what we read
  • 20% of what we hear
  • 30% of what we see
  • 50% of what we see and hear
  • 70% of what we discuss with others
  • 80% of what we personally experience
  • 95% of what we teach others

When I am interested and challenged it helps me to love learning.
I will develop the life-long skill of a hunger for 'new learning'.

Make and do

Dinosaur Make a Dinosaur land with your child. 

View a web clip to find out how to make a free and easy, yet very real dinosaur land out of a box and other junk you may have lying around.

Its perfect for make believe play with your child!

Get active try not to drive so much

We can all be more active as part of our daily lives. Walk rather than drive and encourage your kids to 
cycle and walk where possible.

If you're out with the kids on the bus, why not get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way to your destination? You can also spend time talking about all you see!

Being active throughout daily life by walking and cycling is a great way for your children to achieve their daily 60 minutes of activity. Read more »

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