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Get active - Choose, try, persist, create and learn.

Children playing

Creating your own home learning environment

There is no place for dull, repetitive activities. Laughter, fun, and enjoyment, sometimes being whimsical and nonsensical, are the best contexts for learning. Activities can be playful even when they are not actually play.

Make mud pies and petal perfume

Gather old pots, baking trays, spoons, jugs and bowls and place them in a space in your garden where your children can make mud pies and petal perfume. Let the imagination begin!

Mud-pie100x77    Mud-pie2_100x77    Lady and child in garden

Mummy, daddy and me

Two and three year olds are very motivated to use their growing fine motor skills in everyday activities, which adults may discount as they don't see them as learning or play. Young children love joining in with real cooking, washing up, tidying and dusting. 

You may not think to involve your child, as you find these things boring and tedious, but from your child's point of view they are doing 'grown-up' tasks and putting into practice all of those physical skills they have learnt - try to find time to do things together.

Building block for development

Talk cube "Being able to use words is so important to me because it is language that makes my brain work together in an organised way.

I love it when you listen to me too. It makes me feel like a real person who matters and it helps my brain to build patterns for communicating!"

Take time Everyday to talk to your child, no matter how old they are! Even if they aren't using words you understand, their babble and sounds are their first words.
Copy them and give them new words to learn!

Play = 'All I need for learning'

"For children to be confident to try new activities and initiate ideas, practitioners will need to provide an environment that allows a wide range of choices and opportunities for self-initiated activity." QCA, 2000

Make and do

Puppet theatre Make a Puppet Theatre with your child and tell fun and silly stories together! 

Find out how to make a free and easy yet very effective Puppet Theatre.

You can use toys, sock puppets or stuffed animals to tell your stories!

Get active

Lads playing in a box Play at home

Children need and want the freedom of real play rather than virtual entertainment and passive TV time. 

At home, parents are often 'too busy' to play with their children. Parental concern, while sometimes justified, may lead us to be over protective. Can you imagine a childhood without muddy knees or grazed palms?

All work and no play certainly makes for a dull life. Children need real play, and adults need to set the scene so that children can lead their own play activities. If not, we are in danger of losing childhood altogether.

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