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Surface water management plan

Under the statutory requirements of the Flood and Water Management Act, the Council must produce a Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) to identify areas prone to surface water flooding, and ground water issues.

The Surface Water Management Plan will contribute to part two of the emerging Hillingdon Local Plan, and will inform future plans such as the Flood Risk Management Strategy.

It will help the Council manage flood risk and meet its obligations as a Lead Local Flood Authority.

The SWMP contains an illustrative diagram (figure one - three, page four) that shows the development process.

There are four phases in the process, which the council have completed in two parts:




One - Preparation

This included defining the scope of the SWMP study and developing the necessary partnerships (consultation with neighbouring boroughs and Thames Water for example).

Surface Water Management Plan Part 1 Evidence Base. Approved by Cabinet for Publication on 24 January 2013

Two - Risk Assessment

This included the assessment of the risk, based on the scope of the study and consultation with partners.  It used broad modelling (outlined below) to reveal the levels of risk across the borough.

Three - Options

A broad range of options and recommendations for managing flood risk.

Surface Water Management Plan Part 1 Options and Action Plan. Approved by Cabinet Member for Publication on 7 January 2014

Four - Implementation and Review


This will constitute the Action Plan that contains all the measures to be taken by the Council to manage surface water flooding.  Some of these measures are already being implemented.  For example, the SWMP has influenced the initial drafting of Part 2 of the Local Plan.  However, as a 'living document', it will need to respond to new development, whenever and wherever it comes forward, and will also be influenced by flooding events which may highlight areas previously considered at less risk but where action has now become urgently needed.  The Action Plan will therefore be kept under constant review. 

London Borough of Hillingdon Surface Water Management Plan Part 1 Evidence Base [8Mb] 

London Borough of Hillingdon Surface Water Management Plan Part 2 - Options and Action Plan. [228kb]

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