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Illegal street trading

Any street trading in Hillingdon requires a street trading licence. The policy affects all streets in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Trading under this category includes goods being displayed for sale at the front of a shop, tables and chairs placed on the pavement, mobile trading vans (fast food outlet), stalls, ice cream vendors, ticket sales, sales promotion (paint balling, make up and photo shoots), motor vehicles advertised for sale on major roads.

Displaying goods on the pavement

Traders wishing to display goods on the footway outside their premises must apply for a licence from the council.


Some traders set up stalls on private land and forecourts outside shops. People trading on private land may need a licence from the council.

Placing tables and chairs on the pavement

The council can grant annual and temporary licences (valid up to six months) to place tables and chairs on the footway outside catering establishments.

In some parts of the borough, the council may have a policy of not granting a licence, there are various reasons for not granting a licence.

Mobile trading vans (fast food outlet)

These relate the traditional burger vans found on lay bys, verges, in industrial estates and other areas of the highway.

Ice cream vendors

This is where the ice cream vendor is travelling street to street and trading from a vehicle and only remains in any one location in the course of trading for short periods of up to 15 minutes in one location and must be 65 metres away from a school entrance or exit.

Ticket sales

Tickets being offered for sale on the street where the exchange of monies then take place either on the street or in a property (ticket touts). 

Sales promotion (paint balling, make up and photo shoots)

Promotions are being offered for exchange on the street and where there is no licence has been granted, it should be noted that peddlers licence are not acceptable for these activities.

So if you see any of this type of trading they must have the following:

  • the licence displayed
  • the goods being displayed on the pavement must be of the same goods as those predominantly sold within the shop
  • there must a suitably constructed trolley, stand or stall that can be easily removable in the event of any emergency, for the maintenance of the footpath and always at the end of every days trading
  • they must remain trading within the licensed area

By reporting such incidents you help the council to take effective action that can stop this kind of activity. Together we can make a difference. So if you see any street trading not complying with the above, please report it to us and we will investigate the person responsible with an aim to seek prosecution.

Ensure that you state the exact location of the street trading, include what is being traded and a name and or description of the trader.

Report illegal street trading

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