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Register a birth

When a baby is born, their birth must be registered within 42 days with the local registrar.


The following people can register a birth:

  • the baby's mother
  • the baby's father who was married to the baby's mother at the time of the birth
  • both parents together, if they are not married to each other and they want the father's details to be recorded in the register

Please remember that the birth has to be registered by one or both of the parents in person. You cannot ask a friend or a relative to register the birth on your behalf.

Where to register

You should register a birth with the Registrar for the district where the baby was born. If the baby was born in Hillingdon Hospital or anywhere else in the Borough of Hillingdon, the birth must be registered at Register Office at the Civic Centre.

Documents to bring to the registration appointment

  • Passports for both parents or British Driving licence
  • Marriage certificate if applicable
  • Proof of address (utility bill or other)
  • Baby's red birth book issued by the Maternity Hospital
  • £4 for each short or full certificate (cash or debit/credit card are accepted)

Please note that we do not provide translators.

Make an appointment

If your baby was born outside of the Hillingdon borough, you can 'make a declaration' to the registrar in Hillingdon and we will send it to the correct office for you.  If you ever need copies of certificates you will need to contact the office the birth was registered at rather than where you made the declaration.  A full birth certificate and short birth certificate cost £4 each.   You will need to bring a cheque or postal order, as your fee will be posted with the declaration. The Registrar will take the details and send signed paperwork to the Register Office of the District where the birth took place. The birth will be registered at that Register Office and the certificate(s) will be posted to you approximately five days after your appointment. 

If you do not speak or understand English please bring someone who can translate for you

Please note that if you are late for your appointment, you will need to rebook your appointment for another day.

Information needed by the registrar

  • The registrar will see you in private and record details about the baby and both parents. You will be asked for the following information:
    • the date of the birth
    • where the baby was born
    • the baby's full name
    • the mother's full name
    • the mother's name before she was married
    • the mother's date and place of birth
    • the mother's occupation
    • the mother's address
  • If the father's details are to be included, the registrar will also need to know:
    • the father's full name
    • the father's date and place of birth
    • the father's occupation
    • the father's address
  • If the parents are married to each other, the registrar will also ask for the date of their marriage and the number of any other children that they might have.
  • You will be asked to check the information recorded very carefully and then sign to say that it is correct. It is important that the registration is accurate as any correction of errors discovered after the register has been signed may be difficult or even impossible to correct.
  • Do also take care on deciding your child's name. This is particularly important if the mother and father have different surnames as the surname given at this time cannot be changed at a later date other than by re-registration or adoption.
  • To help ensure the accuracy of the information recorded and correct spellings, please bring documents with you such as baby's NHS red book, your passport, driving licence, utility bill, birth and marriage certificates.  
  • We can still register the birth without these documents.

Documents given by the registrar

The registrar will give you a short birth certificate free of charge. Since 1 November 2017, we no longer issue the free short birth certificates. All birth certificates on the day of registration will be £4 and will increase to £7 after registration while the register is still in use. Once the register is archived, all certificates will be £10.

Charges for registering a birth

There is no charge for registering a birth. However, you may want a full birth certificate, which shows the parents' names. Many organisations, including the UK Passport Agency now require this type of certificate. We would recommend that you purchase a full certificate at the time of registering the birth as the fees increase after the registration. 

We operate an appointment system between 9am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

Make an appointment

Registration Services Fees 

  • All short birth certificates issued at the time of registration will be £4.  We will no longer issue free short birth certificates.
  • Consideration of a correction of a register entry by Superintendent Registrar is £75.
  • Consideration of a correction of a register entry by the General Register Office for England and Wales is £90.
  • Space 17 amendments (change of forenames or adding or removing forenames within first year of registration) is £40

Naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a very special way of welcoming a child's safe arrival into the world, and is an opportunity for you, as parents, to declare before your family and friends your commitment and love, as you welcome your child into your family. It is an occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for your child's future.

The promises made by parents, grandparents and supporting adults, the readings (non religious only), speeches - in fact everything included in the ceremony can be chosen by you from a wide range of options. Whatever your requirements, you can have a unique and personal naming ceremony written specially for you.

Naming ceremonies can be held in the Four Seasons Room, or any of our licensed venues. Contact the Registrars office for more details.


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