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Heating your home

Heating your home can be an expensive business but you don't have to sacrifice your everyday comforts to cut heating costs.

Heating controls

Heating controls

  • Allow you to choose when the heating is on and how warm it is.
  • Once new heating controls have been installed, it is easy to keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature. Keep your rooms between 18°C for your bedroom and 21°C for your living room and other living areas. The lower the temperature, the less energy you will consume.
  • Turning your thermostat down by one degree should save around £30 per year.
  • If you have a programmer or timer, set it so that your heating and hot water only come on when you need it. If you are out of the house all day then your heating shouldn't need to be switched on. By setting the heating system to come on for as short a time as possible you will save money.


  • Radiator Thermostatic radiator valves sense the air temperature around them and regulate the flow of hot water entering the radiators to keep a set temperature in a room. They allow you to set lower temperatures in some rooms than in others, and to turn off the heating in rooms that aren't used, saving you money and energy.
  • 'Bleed' radiators from time to time to remove unwanted air from your heating system and keep your radiators working at their maximum output. The heating system should be switched off when you do this so that more air isn't drawn into the system.

High efficiency condensing boiler

  • Boiler A condensing boiler recovers much of the heat, which is normally lost to the atmosphere from the flue of a non-condensing boiler. By replacing your old boiler with a new highly efficient condensing boiler with the correct heating controls, you could save up to £225 a year.

Electrically heated homes

  • These are considerably more expensive to run and have higher CO2 emissions than gas and oil heating systems.
  • Typically, standard rate electricity costs more than three times as much as both natural gas and oil and generates over double the amount of CO2.
  • Electric storage heating controls can appear confusing but once you understand how the heaters work it is quite easy to set them correctly. Make sure you set electric storage heaters to take advantage of cheap rate off peak electricity.
  • Alternative electric heating systems (for example panel heaters and electric boilers) can't take advantage of cheaper rate off peak electricity and are a lot more expensive to run.

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