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Catering and bar facilities

Due to the Great Barns construction, fragility and importance we have some restrictions on the catering equipment that can be brought into the building.

Wedding food


The Great Barn has no kitchen. The Stewards' Room, in the corner of the Great Barn has two sinks and can be accessed from inside and outside from the Gravel Courtyard. Approximately 4m x 4m in size and with 13 amp sockets which can be used for fridges or freezers, your caterers have full access to the Stewards' Room throughout your hire time. There is no cooking equipment allowed in the Great Barn or Stewards' Room, including hot cupboards. There are kitchens in The Stables and The Winston Churchill Theatre and Hall, which you are may seek to hire in addition to the Great Barn if you want food cooked onsite for your event. 

Outdoor catering facilities

You can request to have your caterers cook outdoors in the Gravel Courtyard, on the Bury Street side of the Great Barn. There we allow Hog Roasts and Barbecues - but only where operated and provided by professional catering companies. Hirers are not allowed to operate their own outdoor barbecues or grills. 

Wedding ceremonies

In the hour before a wedding ceremony takes place, food and drink is not allowed in the main seated area of the Great Barn. You may serve food and drink after your ceremony, which can be prepared beforehand and stored behind the partition wall until after the ceremony.

Your caterers must provide:

  • a comprehensive list of the cooking equipment they will bring
  • proof of Public Liability Insurance
  • proof of PAT Testing for all electrical items
  • proof of Hygiene Certification

Catering conditions

  • Caterers can only be positioned in front of Cart Shed Workshop 3, next to the steps to the Stewards Room.
  • No deep fat fryers, shallow fryers or gas cylinders are permitted inside.
  • All equipment and materials must be delivered and collected during your hire time.
  • All gas bottles etc must be taken away. Hirers are charged disposal costs of items left on site.
  • The floor / ground must be covered to avoid oil stains.
  • All oil must be removed from the site, not disposed of down drains.
  • Our premises licence stipulates that all catering and bar equipment must be out of the building and loaded before 11pm.

Bar and alcohol licence 

There is no fixed bar area, but a bar can be set up in any of the barn's bays. We recommend next to the glass doors on the gravel courtyard side of the barn, so your bar servers can access the steward's room from the gravel courtyard to get water.

The Great Barn has a premises licence. If you wish to serve alcohol at your event we will provide a copy to you on the day, which must be displayed at your bar throughout the function. The bar will operate under the London Borough of Hillingdon's Licence which means anyone serving alcohol is required to sign an authorisation form which shows that our DPS has given you temporary permission to serve alcohol in the Great Barn.

Licence times

  • Fridays and Saturdays: midday to 10.30pm
  • Sundays: 10am to 4.30pm

Your bar providers must provide:

  • proof of Public Liability Insurance
  • a comprehensive list of any electrical equipment being brought to site
  • proof of PAT testing for all electrical items

Bar conditions

  • No alcohol is to be sold / served outside of these times: Friday / Saturday midday to 10.30pm, Sunday 10am to 4.30pm.
  • Drinks can only be served in polycarbonate containers.
  • All equipment and stock must be delivered and collected during your paid hire period.
  • All recyclable material must be disposed of the in the black recycling bin situated in the Gravel Courtyard.
  • Our premises licence states that all catering equipment must be out of the building and loaded before 11pm.

Failure to comply with this conditions will result in the closure of your bar for the remainder of your hire.



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