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Council and European Parliamentary elections

Thursday 22 May 2014

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Council and European Parliamentary elections: 22 May

This was your opportunity to have your say on who is in charge of Hillingdon Council for the next four years as well as who will represent you in the European Parliament.

Hillingdon has 65 Councillors, with three councillors representing each of the borough's 22 wards (except Harefield where there are two representatives).

When you voted on Thursday 22 May you were be able to choose three people to represent the ward you live in.  Once the votes had been counted, the top three candidates for each ward (except Harefield where there are two representatives) were elected to serve on the council.

Hillingdon Council provides hundreds of services - everything from maintaining the roads to recycling, from schools to food hygiene inspections, and from sports centres to libraries.  The council's priorities and budgets are set by its' councillors, and most of its decisions are made by them.  Your vote is the most important way you can influence who those councillors are and the decisions they make on your behalf.

The European Parliamentary elections also took place on Thursday 22 May. The elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will now represent you in the European Parliament for the next five years. Decisions taken there can affect many aspects of our everyday life.

Ballot boxes Voter registration

In order to take part in elections you must be registered to vote.

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Postal and proxy voting

Anyone can ask for their ballot paper to be sent to them by post or appoint someone else (a proxy) to go to the polling station and vote on their behalf.

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