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Introducing the Better Care Fund

Making health and care better for older people in Hillingdon.

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What is the Better Care Fund (BCF)?

The NHS provides healthcare in England. It is paid for from your taxes and is generally free as people need it. Social care (for example, personal care for older people at home) is provided by local councils. While some of the cost of social care is paid for from taxes, much of it is means tested, that is, based on need and whether you can afford to pay.

Although the two systems are different, they are closely linked and often serve the same people. In Hillingdon, the NHS and Hillingdon Council are therefore looking for ways to improve the way we work together - as when things go wrong, people can get stuck in hospital or be admitted to a care home when they would rather manage at home. A good example of where health care and social care need to work together is around agreeing the care needed at home to allow an older person to leave hospital sooner after a fall.

The BCF is a national scheme to encourage health and social care to work together more closely than before; it requires bringing some health and social care money together into a single pot. This will help to provide a better experience of care because it will avoid the discussions about whether care needs are mainly the responsibility of the NHS or social care to assess. The 2017/19 BCF plan is the third plan that has been developed under this scheme.

Although the Better Care Fund in 2017/19 includes some new money, it is mostly about spending existing funds more effectively by much closer working.

Our priorities for the BCF in Hillingdon

In Hillingdon, we have a good track record of health care and social care services working together.

We have decided to build on this in our own BCF plans. We have agreed to concentrate on the needs of older people in the borough as the continuing priority for our BCF because we expect to have the biggest increase in the number of older people with long term health needs (for example, diabetes) in London.

Our plans include a number of schemes that we need to work on, but they concentrate on these important issues:

Better services in communities

  • To provide support to people at risk of falls, stroke, dementia and/or social isolation.
  • To offer better services at home for people who are within the last year of life.
  • To ensure that community services and GP practices work together more closely.
  • To support people providing unpaid care for relatives or friends.
  • To ensure that the local market of care and support providers is able to meet the current and future needs of residents.

Helping to prevent admissions to hospital

  • By offering good alternatives to the A&E service
  • By offering good community services every day of the week
  • By making it easier for GPs to keep an eye on people with more complex health needs

Getting people home quicker when they've been in hospital

  • By working better with care homes and nursing homes
  • By joining up the services we offer in people's homes

What next?

Hillingdon's third Better Care Fund Plan started in April 2017 and will continue until March 2019. During the next two years we will monitor progress and adapt the plan to meet local circumstances, including the changing needs of our residents

Regular progress updates on the delivery of the 2017/19 BCF plan will be provided to Hillingdon's Health and Wellbeing Board.

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