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DfT funding grant

The Borough has received grant funding from DfT to assist the Borough with maintaining the highway network.


To comply with the conditions of the grants set out by DfT, Hillingdon Council need to publish the following information regarding the 2012/13 and 2014/15 allocations.

Additional DfT local Highways Funding Grant 2012/12

In December 2012, Hillingdon was awarded £221,000 of funding by the Department for Transport as a revenue grant under Section 31 of the Local Government Act. This grant is intended to assist and compliment planned highway maintenance expenditure across the Borough to contribute towards providing a well maintained transport infrastructure. The award is part of £215 million made available to local authorities on a national basis and the total award for Hillingdon Council is split over two years with £221,000 received in 2012/13.

Additional DfT Local Highways Allocation Grant 2014/15

In April 2014, L B of Hillingdon was awarded £432,000 of funding by the DfT as a revenue grant under Section 31 of the Local Government Act. This grant is intended to assist the Council in dealing with the effects of the severe weather from December 2013 to March 2014. The contribution is part of £183.5 million made available to local authorities on a national basis.

Pothole fund application 2014/15

In the 2014 Budget statement, the Government announced the creation of a Pothole Fund ("the Fund") worth £200 million, with £168 million being made available to highway authorities in England of which £10 million was allocated London Authorities of which L B of Hillingdon was awarded £415,158 to help repair damage to the local road network. The funding is available in the 2014/15 financial year. As part of the bidding process Hillingdon is required to publish its application on its websites as well as submitting its bid to the DfT.

Maintenance treatments 

'The Highways Maintenance programme in Hillingdon comprises a range of structural and preventative carriageway maintenance treatments, including:

  • carriageway resurfacing
  • structural patching programme
  • retread/recycling programme (rhino)
  • surface dressing and micro asphalt programmes.

Spend profile to date

  •  90.92km of Carriageway resurfacing over 311 sites.
  •  14.29km of Recycling treatments (micro surfacing/rhino patching).

The money will be spent through the above programmes as detailed in Appendix 2 [15kb]. There is a need in Hillingdon to deal with significant deterioration to the 619km unclassified road network which the severe weather has accelerated in certain roads.  The programmes will utilise the funding to target those roads where resurfacing and recycling treatments are most appropriate using asset management systems'.

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