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New voter registration system

The London Borough of Hillingdon have recently sent out over 210,000 letters to electors explaining the new voter registration system.

The wording on the letter is prescribed by law and has led to some confusion in respect of whether electors' details are currently in the 'Open Register'. This register is available for purchase by any organisation for any purpose.

The Electoral Commission which is a Government body who advises Electoral Registration Officers on legal matters, have stated that to pre-print annual canvass forms with the elector's previous choice by means of a tick in the opt-out box would be a significant departure from the prescribed form used to conduct the yearly household canvass of properties. Historically, the London Borough of Hillingdon have not removed the opt-out marker. However, the law requires the elector to exercise a fresh choice to be removed from the edited register (now referred to as the 'Open Register'). On that basis, the opt-out box on the annual household registration forms which were issued at the end of 2013 remained blank for the elector, or the householder on their behalf, in registering to make such a choice.

Unfortunately, many people completing household registration details in 2013 did not tick the opt-out box, and therefore electors details traditionally excluded from the open register are now included in it.

The London Borough of Hillingdon have not sold any copies of the open register to any organisation within the last 12 months, however, by law a full copy of the register is supplied to all credit reference agencies.

If you wish to change your preference in respect of inclusion in the open register, please e-mail electoralservices@hillingdon.gov.uk with your address and names of all those wishing to change their preference.

On receipt of your request and when your details have been amended, a confirmation letter will be issued to you.


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