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Process overview

Step one 

  1. First of all, make sure you have read the alley gating criteria to see if your alleyway would be suitable for gating. If you are unsure if the scheme you propose meets this, please call the Community Engagement team.
  2. Gather at least two quotes from the approved council contractors. If, for any reason, they are unable to provide a quote, please make a note of that on the application form.


  • Quotes which are more than three three months old will still be accepted but may result in a delay in your application being processed as updated quotes are gathered.
  • Once you have received one quote, this should give you an indication on how much the alley gating scheme will cost to install. Residents (and landlords) are asked to contribute 10 percent of the cost which should be divided by the number of households in the scheme (see ' Estimating Costs' in 'Design your Scheme') This means that you can move on to the next step and approach your neighbours for their agreement whilst waiting for the remaining quotes to come in.  
  • Seek the agreement of your neighbours for the alley gating scheme. To help you, we have prepared some letter templates which you can send to your neighbours. These explain the scheme and ask them for their support. The council favours schemes where there is 100 percent support from all house owners however, it may be possible to go forward with the scheme if not everyone agrees. The Improvement Projects Team can advise you if this is the case.  
  • Consent forms which are dated more than six months before the application is submitted will be accepted but will result in a delay in your application being processed. This is because in the the last six months there may have been changes in property ownership or in a household's individual circumstances and so the council will need to write out to all households to confirm that they are still in agreement with the scheme.  
  • Check if planning permission is needed.
  • Check if your alleyway is a public right of way.

Step two - making your application

Download and complete this application form [51kb] (If you are unable to download any of the application documents on our website, please contact the Community Engagement team for an Alley Gating Pack.)

Your application form must be accompanied by:

If any items are missing or out of date, this will delay the processing of your application and may lead to the application being returned to you.

Applications will be checked by the Community Engagement team who will contact you arrange a visit to your location. If your scheme has any objectors or households who have not responded, officers will advise how to proceed.

Await council approval. All completed applications are submitted to the Cabinet Member for Community, Commerce and Regeneration for his approval. If your application is successful you will be written to and the amount that the residents' need to contribute to the scheme confirmed.


  • We highly recommend that a designated bank account is opened to collect the contributions and that lead residents should collect a small amount of extra money from each household in order to establish a sinking fund to cover any future repairs and maintenance. This should be done once the scheme is given approval.

Step three - installation

  • Once your contribution has been received, the council will commission the work with the contractor. The contractor will liaise with you to arrange an installation date. As all gates are made to measure, this will take approximately six to eight weeks.
  • Once the gates are installed and the keys are distributed, you and your neighbours will be able to enjoy the additional security of the gates.
  • The contractor will then send an invoice to the council for payment.  

Step 4 - after care

  • Clean up your alley.
  • Continue to maintain the gates. All gates come with a 12 month warranty and you can contact the contractor directly to arrange any repairs.
  • We would like to know about your experience in implementing an alley gating scheme in your area. Shortly after your gate has been installed, we will send you an evaluation form to tell us about your experience and what impact the gates have had since they were installed.  

Important note

  • The council reserves the right to inspect the finished gates before making payment to the contractor, but the council will give no guarantee and accept no responsibility in connection with the installation, retention and quality of the gates, or in respect of any other matter relating to the scheme.
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