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Personal transport budget scheme

A personal transport Budget is a sum of money on a pre-paid card that you can use to cover the expenses of transporting your child to school.

Personal travel budgets

What is a personal transport budget?

A personal transport budget is a sum of money provided to parents or carers of children with special educational needs who are eligible for travel assistance. Personal transport budgets enable families to arrange their child's home-to-school travel arrangements in a way that suits their circumstances best. The budget allows families to make flexible arrangements, monitor
the quality of their child's transport directly and, if they choose, work with other families to achieve the best possible travel arrangements for their child(ren).

Who can get a personal transport budget?

If your child is assessed as eligible for travel assistance, you maybe eligible for a personal transport budget from Hillingdon Council. If you are unsure about eligibility, please call the Special Educational Needs team on 01895 277199.

What are the benefits of a personal transport budget?

  • Provides freedom and flexibility for you to choose the most appropriate travel arrangements, which best fit your child's personal circumstances.
  • Provides choice and control over how funding is used to get your child to and from school on time in a way that suits you, your child and your family.
  • Enables you to explore sharing the school run with another parent.
  • Develop the potential for your child to become an independent traveller.
    Independent travel is an important life skill and can help your child to access social and employment opportunities as they become young adults.
    ‚ÄčThe personal transport budget can offer flexibility over hired transport in that:
    • it could give you the opportunity to meet your child's teachers more often
    • it is not affected by other commitments outside the core school or college day, eg breakfast clubs, after-school clubs and medical appointments
    • you may be able to explore different types of travel with your child (if appropriate)
    • your child will not have to share transport with other children they don't know. This, in turn, can shorten your child's journey time.

How do I get a personal transport budget?

If you are eligible and you decide to take up the personal transport budget, we will ask you to sign a parental contract and complete the Suitable Person form. The parental contract sets out your role and the council's role in the personal transport budget process, to keep your child safe and ensure that their attendance and ability to learn are not negatively affected by their travel to and from school. The completed Suitable Person form, with appropriate identification documents, will be required before the pre-paid card can be ordered.

A personal transport budget can be withdrawn if the conditions within the parental contract are not met.

How much will my personal transport budget be?

The personal transport budget will be calculated on the distance between home and school for the days that your child attends school. This means that each personal transport budget will be tailored to the needs of each child and family.

How will the personal transport budget get paid?

If you are eligible and decide to take up a personal transport budget, Hillingdon Council will ask you to sign the parental contract and complete a Suitable Person form. Once we have received a signed copy of the parental contact and completed Suitable Person form and correct identification, Hillingdon Council will order the pre-paid card to which the personal transport budget monthly amounts will be transferred every four weeks in advance.

If your circumstances change - for example, your family moves house - please ensure you contact the Special Educational Needs Transport Officer on 01895 277199, as the personal transport budget may need to be re-calculated.

What can I spend the personal transport budget on?

You are entitled to spend your personal transport budget as you wish providing it is used for the sole purpose of getting your child to and from school on time and in a way that ensures their safety, encourages their attendance and does not negatively affect their ability to learn once they are at school. Some ideas for how you could spend the personal transport budget can include the following.

  • Covering the cost of driving your child to school.
  • Arranging shared travel arrangements with other parents, such as shared driving responsibilities, walking, buses or joint taxi bookings.
  • Overcoming barriers that may prevent you accompanying your child to school, eg childcare.

Will it have an impact on other benefits?

No, there is no tax or benefit implications for parents participating in the scheme. However it is your responsibility to check that this is the case in your personal circumstances.

Will I regularly need to show the council how I am spending the personal transport budget?

Hillingdon Council is responsible for ensuring that public funds are spent on the intended services. In order to receive the personal transport budget, you need to agree to sign the parental contract, complete the Suitable Person form and keep financial records, eg receipts and invoices, and agree to surrender them for monitoring purposes when requested.

Will the personal transport budget continue in future years?

As your child grows older, it is likely that they will wish to become an independent traveller. Independent travel is an important life skill and can help your child to access the social and employment opportunities they wish to. You can start supporting or training your child to travel independently, or you can talk to your school or the Special Educational Needs team about independent travel training options.

For more information on personal transport budgets and independent travel training options, contact the transport officer on 01895 250008 or email: schooltransport@hillingdon.gov.uk.

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