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Fire safety at home

If a fire starts inside your home do you know what to do?

Extended family

Escape plan

You need to ensure you and your family have an escape plan and know what to do in the event of a fire in your home or elsewhere in the block if you live in a flat with communal areas.

Shared areas

Your safety depends on your ability to leave by your front door and to reach a place of safety outside.
You must not  place items in shared areas [128kb] such as landings, corridors, balconies and staircases that could prevent you escaping a building in the event of a fire. Anything restricting the width of the escape route or presents a trip/slip hazard is unacceptable and is a fire risk. You must not use shared areas as an extension of your home.

The service cupboards and like, in blocks of flats, are kept locked and are not for use by residents. If you have access to loft space, you must not place items in the loft. 

Read more on the London Fire Brigade website about tenants - Am I safe?

Top tips for caring for your appliances

Registermyappliance.co.uk provides the following top tips for caring for your appliances:

  • fridges and freezers are designed to live indoors - don't be tempted to install yours in a garage
  • be sure to keep the back of your fridge clear from debris such as old newspapers or bags
  • as well as a rinse aid, your dishwasher needs salt to function effectively - don't forget to top up with special dishwasher salt (different from sea salt) on a regular basis
  • leave the door of your washing machine open after use to help moisture escape and to prevent damp smells occurring
  • to avoid a risk of fire, don't overload your extension leads. Check the amps yours can safely carry. Then check your appliance usage - for example a TV may take up 3 amps and a vacuum cleaner 5 amps

Register your appliances today



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