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Community Heritage Initiative Programme Scheme Consultation

The Community Heritage Initiative Programme (CHIP) is an initiative in partnership with Historic England to build capacity in local authorities, to enable additional conservation work to be carried out through engagement with local communities.

The council is in the process of producing appraisals for five of the borough's conservation areas. The appraisals aim to explain the importance of the areas and to identify their significant features. Hillingdon is the first London borough to have been offered CHIP scheme funding from Historic England. 

The project aims to produce appraisals for conservation areas and involve local residents in the process of writing appraisals. This has the benefit of harnessing local skills and abilities whilst enabling local people to make an important contribution to the conservation of their areas. If agreed, these documents will be a material consideration when decisions are made on planning and other applications within the conservation areas. 

Five conservation areas have been chosen:

  1. The Greenway Conservation Area
  2. Hayes Village Conservation Area
  3. Harlington Village Conservation Area
  4. Eastcote Morford Way Conservation Area
  5. Canal Locks (Widewater Lock, Springwell Lock, Black Jacks and Copper Mill Lock) Conservation Areas

The project is being managed by London based specialist consultant, Turley Associates. The consultants worked closely with members of the borough's Conservation Panels, community groups and residents to write detailed appraisals of the conservation areas. The project has also provided training for residents to develop the necessary skills to carry out survey work and workshops to progress the scheme. 

Hayes Village and Harlington Village Conservation Area Appraisals

Local residents had been asked for their views on the proposed Conservation Area Appraisal documents and alterations to the Hayes Village Conservation Area boundary, through a public consultation between the 15 June and 27 July 2015. On 24 September 2015 the Council's Cabinet agreed to adopt the Hayes Village and Harlington Village Conservation Area appraisals and agreed the associated conservation Area boundary alterations. The new boundaries for the designated Conservation Area took effect as of 21 October 2015. 

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