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Areas of special local character in Hillingdon

Areas of special local character that the council wishes to preserve.

No.Name:Date of designation Documents available
1Barnhill Estate, YeadingOctober 2006

Map [507kb]

Leaflet [753kb]

2Dene Road, Northwood13 November 1989

Map [535kb]

3Copsewood Estate, NorthwoodNot applicable Map [511kb]
4Gatehill Farm Estate, NorthwoodNot applicable

Map [541kb]

5Hillside, Northwood Hills24 July 2008

Map [707kb]

6Moat Drive, Ruislip13 November 1989

Map [492kb] 

7Midcroft, RuislipNot applicable

Map [557kb] 

8Garden City, West Drayton13 November 1989

Map [526kb] 

9Central Avenue, Hayes13 November 1989

Map [586kb] 

10Hillingdon Court ParkNot applicable

Map [566kb] 

11North UxbridgeNot applicable

Map [564kb] 

12East & West Walk, Hayes1999 (demoted from CA) Map [545kb]
13Old Northwood31 March 2005

Map [592kb] 

14Orchard View/ Clayton Road, CowleyOctober 2006

Map [497kb] 

Leaflet [841kb] 

15Raisins Hill Estate, Eastcote19 December 2012
Leaflet [5Mb]

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