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Local Pensions Board

The Local Pensions Board is currently recruiting for two employer representatives; while these posts are vacant the Board will be temporarily suspended.

In accordance with legislation the council, as administering authority of the Hillingdon Fund of the LGPS, created a local Pension Board which came into effect from April 2015. Council at its meeting in November 2017 agreed to change the Board structure and membership to improve the overall effectiveness and independence of the Board.

Membership requirements of the Board have been changed to comprise 2 employer representatives (currently vacant) and 2 employee representatives. It is anticipated the next Local Pensions Bard will take place in April 2018.

 During the period April 2015 to October 2017 the London Borough of Hillingdon Local Pensions board was made up of the following members.

Employer representatives

  • Cllr Simmonds (Con) - Chair       
  • Cllr Chapman (Con) - Deputy Chair
  • Cllr Morse (Lab) 

Employee representatives

  • Venetia Rogers
  • Roger Hackett 
  • Andrew Scott (retired October 2017) - Vacant 

Minutes of the Board

View the minutes

Board is supported by:

  • Paul Whaymand, Corporate Director of Finance
  • Sian Kunert, Chief Accountant    
  • Ken Chisholm, Corporate Pensions Manager
  • AON Hewitt as a Governance Adviser

Terms of Reference:

  1. The Pensions Board will be chaired by a member chosen by the group.
  2. The frequency of the Pensions Board will be determined by the Board.
  3. Reports to the Board will either reflect decisions taken by Pensions Committee or be reports for noting already seen by Pensions Committee.
  4. The role of the Board will be to assist London Borough of Hillingdon Administering Authority as Scheme Manager: to secure compliance with the LGPS regulations and any other legislation relating to the governance and administration of the LGPS.
  5. To secure compliance with requirements imposed in relation to the LGPS by the Pensions Regulator; and in such other matters as the LGPS regulations may specify.
  6. To secure the effective and efficient governance and administration of the LGPS for the London Borough of Hillingdon Pension Fund.
  7. To provide the Scheme Manager with such information as it requires to ensure that any member of the Pension Board or person to be appointed to the Pension Board does not have a conflict of interest. (NB: Being a member of the LGPS is not seen as a conflict of interest.)

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