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Community Trigger

The Community Trigger is also known as "ASB Review" and was introduced in the ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014.

What does a Community Trigger do?

Community Trigger takes a fresh look at the complaint you have made about anti social behaviour. Someone who understands anti social behaviour, but who is not directly involved in your complaint will bring together council departments, the police, social landlords and any other organisation relevant to your case, including Victim Support. A meeting will look at what you have complained about and how various organisations dealt with your complaint.

What is the result of using Community Trigger?

It will be decided if more could have been done to deal with your complaint about anti social behaviour. If more could have been done a new action plan will be proposed and if you agree to it the chair of the Community Trigger meeting will make sure that the actions are followed up.

Why are Victim Support involved?

In Hillingdon we have decided that it is important to make sure your voice is heard so a named Victim Support volunteer will be able to speak on your behalf at the Community Trigger meeting and provide you with any practical or emotional support you may need.

Who can use Community Trigger?

The ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014 says we must apply a minimum threshold and in Hillingdon we will normally only consider cases where you have complained about anti social behaviour three times in the last six months. These complaints could have been to your social landlord, to the council or to the police. There may be cases where you haven't made three complaints in the past six months, but there is some other feature of your case that means we should consider it anyway. This might be because of the seriousness of the anti-social behaviour or because you feel particularly vulnerable.

Are there cases which cannot be considered?

Yes, we won't consider a case for Community Trigger if:

  • it is clear that reports of anti social behaviour have been made so recently that an organisation has not had a reasonable amount of time to act on the reports
  • you have already used, or are in the middle of using, an existing complaints procedure about any of the organisations involved in your case
  • the reports or request for a Community Trigger are vexatious, malicious or unreasonable
  • the reports or request for a Community Trigger are made anonymously

How do I apply for a Community Trigger?

Please email asbreview@hillingdon.gov.uk giving as much information as you can about the anti social behaviour you have reported. Include the dates you reported it, who you reported it to, how you reported it and whether you were given a reference number. Remember to include contact details so we can get back to you.

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