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What is extra care housing

Extra care housing is a section of supported housing that enables people to live independently.

Triscott House Hayes

It provides the security and privacy of a home of your own, a range of on-site facilities and staff are available day and night to provide care as required.

The benefits of extra care housing

  • Enables you to live at home - not in a home
  • You will have your own front door - you decide who comes in
  • Couples and friends can still live together
  • It suits people with a range of care needs, from low to high
  • It offers you a safe and secure home, and also helps with any learning or physical disability you may have
  • 24-hour care services are available on site
  • You get support to keep your independence
  • You can join in social activities - or you can be private
  • Extra care housing aims to offer a home for life

Is extra care housing for you?

  • Are you thinking of moving or leaving your old home because of life changes or health problems that mean it is difficult to remain where you are?
  • Have you thought about going into residential care because you need 24-hour care and there's no other choice.
  • Do you prefer to have your own home, because you value your independence and privacy, and you want control and a real choice in your life

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, and you meet any of the following criteria, then extra care housing may be for you.

  • You are aged 55 or over
  • You may have a physical, sensory or learning disability
  • You are currently a resident in the borough or able to demonstrate a strong local connection
  • You are already receiving a home care service from the council
  • You do not have the equity to purchase your own property

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