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Every young person in care has to have a review - it is the law.

Review meetings must be held regularly to make sure your care plan is giving you the best opportunities and making sure the tasks listed in your care plan are being carried out.

You must have a review within the first month of moving somewhere, then three months later, then every six months unless things change.

Reviews will look at what has happened since the last review, which will include all the good stuff that is going on for you and think about ways to help with the difficult stuff.

You will have the chance to have your say in one of the following ways:

  1. you can complete the consultation form which should be sent to you before the review meeting
  2. we hope you will feel able to attend your review and have your say but it would still be helpful if you complete the form before the review meeting
  3. and/or you can have your say at the meeting

Remember it is your meeting.

Your review will be chaired by an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO)

Before the review you will be given a chance to meet with the IRO in private to talk about anything you would like to address. This is a good opportunity for you to talk about any concerns that you might have about your review.

If you do not know the name of your IRO, please ask your social worker or carer for their name and contact details.

'My Review' consultation documents 

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