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Poster pack collection

We have an extensive collection of poster packs for teachers to borrow for classroom use.

Poster Packs can be borrowed for a term and must be ordered by one person per school. That person will have sole responsibility for all Poster Packs in their school.

Poster Packs cannot be ordered as part of a project request and must be  returned via the internal mail/courier.

A COR charge will be made for any lost or substantially damaged Poster Packs.

Make a booking

Download this form [74kb] 
Or request a copy, from a personal email address, via sls@hillingdon.gov.uk.

Once the form has been completed:

  • send by email to sls@hillingdon.gov.uk.
  • fax to 01895 277086
  • post to  SLS, A152, Civic Centre, via the courier

If you have any queries, please call us on 01895 250715

Artefacts Collection headings

Details of packs available for loan


Pack 1: Reducing the speed of vehicles around the school
Pack 2: People who help us
Pack 3: Portraying parent and child relationships


​Pack 1: Airport security
Pack 2: Airport workers and services
Pack 3: Canals - Locks in operation
Pack 4: Canals - Narrow boat interiors
Pack 5: Canals - Art on narrow boats
Pack 6: Canals - Narrow boats on the Regent's Canal 

Myths and Legends

Pack 1: Mythical trolls
Pack 2: Loveable superheroes
Pack 3: Superheroes
Pack 4: Marvel Superheroes


​Pack 1: Hindu Artefacts
Pack 2: Buddhist Symbols
Pack 3: Islam Pack (including Introducing the Qur'an, Prayer, Fasting and Id-ul-Fitr, Islam through the Arts and Expressions of Faith CD)
Pack 4: Christian Artefacts
Pack 5: Faith symbols
Pack 6: Water symbols
Pack 7: Light symbols
Pack 8: Sacred texts - Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh
Pack 9: Sacred texts - from Different Faiths


​Pack 1: Notting Hill Carnival
Pack 2: Notting Hill Carnival - Bird of Paradise costumes
Pack 3: Notting Hill Carnival - Jamaican food
Pack 4: Notting Hill Carnival - Butterfly costume
Pack 5: St George's Day
Pack 6: Chinese New Year in London
Pack 7: London Fireworks
Pack 8: Bonfire Night
Pack 9: Circus


Pack 1: Playgrounds - Rotating and swing operations
Pack 2: Fairgrounds - Circling children's rides
Pack 3: Fairgrounds - Other fairground rides with different motions
Pack 4: Changing state - Reversible changes
Pack 5: Changing state - Irreversible changes
Pack 6: Hot and cold - Dressed for cold climates
Pack 7: Hot and cold - Dressed for hot climates
Pack 8: Similarities and differences in plants
Pack 9: Micro-organisms


​Pack 1: Coasts - Erosion
Pack 2: Coasts - Dorset lighthouses
Pack 3: Weather - Extreme weather conditions
Pack 4: The mountain environment -The Alps
Pack 5: Seaside
Pack 6: Polar Regions


Pack 1: Dinosaurs - Small meat eating dinosaurs
Pack 2: Dinosaurs - Prehistoric meat eating birds
Pack 3: Amazon rainforest primates
Pack 4: Australasian rainforest reptiles
Pack 5: Nocturnal animals in rainforests and tropical woodland
Pack 6: Nocturnal animals whose habitats are rainforests
Pack 7: British nocturnal animals whose habitats are ponds and rivers
Pack 8: British nocturnal animals whose habitats are underground
Pack 9: Fish - sharks
Pack 10: Snakes - North American snakes
Pack 11: Bears - Asian bears
Pack 12: Bears - Bears from around the world
Pack 13: Farm animals - Domesticated farm animals


Pack 1: Bread from different cultures - savoury
Pack 2: Bread from different cultures - sweet
Pack 3: White bread and wraps
Pack 4: The history of chocolate products & fair trade


Pack 1: Space - Robot rovers in space

Houses and Homes

Pack 1: Shelters - Canopies and shelter structure
Pack 2: Castles - External features
Pack 3: Castles - South England
Pack 4: Homes around the world - Houses in Bangladesh and India
Pack 5: Homes around the world - Houses of West Africa


​Pack 1: Mixed messages in the environment (World - places people live)
Pack 2: Current British sculptures & sculptors
Pack 3: Sculpture - Public sculptures in Asia & Africa
Pack 4: What is sculpture? - Animal sculptures abroad
Pack 5: Self portraits by famous artists
Pack 6: Mary Cassatt
Pack 7: Marc Chagall - Dream states
Pack 8: Andy Goldsworthy - Land art
Pack 9: Andy Goldsworthy - Patterns in wall and surface sculptures
Pack 10: Andy Goldsworthy - Tree, log & stick sculptures
Pack 11: Wassily Kandinsky - Geometrical shapes
Pack 12: Roy Lichtenstein - Illustrations
Pack 13: Piet Mondrian - Geometric shapes
Pack 14: William Morris - Bird and flower patterns
Pack 15: William Morris - Flower patterns
Pack 16: Georgia O'Keefe - Flower paintings
Pack 17: Jackson Pollock
Pack 18: Andy Warhol - Portraits showing emotion
Pack 19: Patterns - Patterns on different surfaces
Pack 20: Patterns - African worn fabric
Pack 21: African Masks
Pack 22: Aboriginal Art

Design and Technology

Pack 1: Slippers - From different cultures
Pack 2: Photo Frames - Wood frames
Pack 3: Purses - From different cultures
Pack 4: Take a seat (Unit 4B)


Pack 1: Pirates and treasure chests
Pack 2: Life onboard a pirate ship
Pack 3: Famous women pirates
Pack 4: Pirate Symbols


​Pack 1: Snowdonia - Landscape
Pack 2: Snowdonia - Land use
Pack 3: Buildings in Llandudno
Pack 4: Village & transport (Isle of Coll)
Pack 5: The European Parliament (Y6)
Pack 6: European Citizenship Game (Y6)
Pack 7: Famous monuments in Paris
Pack 8: Italy
Pack 9: Iceland - landscape
Pack 10: India - Village land use
Pack 11: India - Village at work
Pack 12: Kenya - The Maasai
Pack 13: Ghana - Houses and buildings
Pack 14: Ghana - Lifestyle and culture
Pack 15: Mexico - Tocuaro family home exterior
Pack 16: Mexico - Tocuaro family home interior


​Pack 1: Stone Age - Paleolithic cave paintings
Pack 2: Stone Age - Limestone caves of Cresswell Crags
Pack 3: Ice Age - Archaeology
Pack 4: Paleolithic Mammals
Pack 5: Meat Eating Paleolithic animals
Pack 6: Middle Stone Age- People and clothing
Pack 7: Middle Stone Age - Rock art
Pack 8: New Stone Age - Skara Brae
Pack 9: New Stone Age - Flint tools
Pack 10: New Stone Age - Advancements in tools
Pack 11: Bronze Age - Stonehenge
Pack 12: Bronze Age - Jewellery
Pack 13: Iron Age - Hill forts
Pack 14: Iron Age - Clothing
Pack 15: Ancient Egypt
Pack 16: Ancient Egyptians - Tutankhamun Burial Chamber
Pack 17: Who were the ancient Greeks?
Pack 18: How do we use ancient Greek ideas today?
Pack 19: Mayans - Culture
Pack 21: Aztecs - Teotihuacan
Pack 22: Aztecs - Gods
Pack 23: Normans - High ranking lords
Pack 24: Normans - Bayeux Tapestry
Pack 25: Medieval - Knights in combat
Pack 26: Tudors - Lifestyle of Henry VIII at Hampton Court
Pack 27: The Gunpowder Plot
Pack 28: Great Fire of London - Cause
Pack 29: Great Fire of London - Reporters
Pack 30: Great Fire of London - Sir Christopher Wren and his plans to rebuild London
Pack 31: Great Fire of London - Places of interest
Pack 32: Great Fire of London - Aerial View from The Monument.
Pack 33: Victorians - Seaside
Pack 34: Victorians - Toys
Pack 35: Toys past & present
Pack 36: The 1940s
Pack 37: World War 2 - Children during the Blitz
Pack 38: Remembrance Day and World War 1
Pack 39: Remembrance Day - main events
Pack 40: Remembrance Day - commemorations & memorials



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