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What is homelessness?

Part VII of the Housing Act 1996 (amended in 2002) sets out the duties we have towards people who are either homeless or threatened with homelessness.

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How can we help?

We provide support and advice (24 hours a day, seven days a week). We are mainly responsible for dealing with homeless applications. The following is a guide to how we can help you and what the law entitles you to.

What criteria is used?

We will consider you to be homeless if:

  • you have nowhere to live
  • you have been living somewhere, but you have no legal right to stay there and have been told to leave
  • you have somewhere to live, but cannot get into it
  • you have somewhere to live, but someone else who lives there has been violent towards you
  • your home is a caravan, or a houseboat and you have nowhere to legally park it, or moor it
  • you have somewhere to live, but nowhere for the people who normally live with you
  • you have been made homeless as a result of an emergency, such as fire, flood or some other disaster

We will consider you homelessness if this is likely to be within the next 28 days

This may be because:

  • you have been taken to court by your landlord and the court has said you must leave
  • you have been living with friends or relatives who have told you to leave

Non eligibility

Certain categories of person are not eligible for assistance under the homelessness legislation, because they do not usually live in the UK or are subject to immigration control.

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