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Borrowing and charges

  • Your library card entitles you to borrow up to 15 items, which can be returned at any Hillingdon library.
  • Producing a valid library card when you borrow items helps us reduce fraud and misuse. If you do not have valid ID with you at the time of your visit staff can put items aside for you for a short period so you can return with valid ID.
  • Uxbridge Library has a book drop if you cannot return items when the library is open.
  • Most items are loaned for an initial three week period
    Some items, including new release fiction and DVDs, are loaned for 1 week. Please check the date stamped on the return date label
  • If you are unable to return items in time or you want to keep items for a further period you can renew them providing no-one else has reserved them
    If you have a PIN you can renew online, or call any library
  • After the fifth renewal, any items will have to be returned to the branch. If they are in good condition and not reserved by another library user, these items can be re-issued to you if requested
  • If there is a hire charge for the item, another payment is due on renewal
  • If an item is lost or damaged whilst on loan to you, you may be required to pay a cost of replacement.   
Secondary school
students 12-14 &
young adults 15-17
Leisure card
over 60*
CDs for three weeks£1.05£1.60n/a£0.55£0.55Free
DVDs per week (inc family DVDs)£2.10£3.15n/a£1.05£1.05Free
Younger children's DVDs per week£1.05£1.60n/a£0.55£0.55Free
Language courses      
Language courses for three weeks£3.05£5.25n/a£1.55£1.55Free
Talking books      
Including Playaways for three weeks£2.05£3.15n/a£1.05£1.05Free
Per in-stock reservation£0.60£0.85n/aFree£0.30£0.60
Not-in-stock reservations
(non-refundable £2.60 payable in advance)

Library fines

  • Fines will be charged on all items borrowed on adult or student card that are returned or renewed late. 
  • Non-payment of fines may lead to suspension from the library service. 
  • Overdue reminders are sent out two weeks and five weeks after the items are overdue. Reminders sent by post incur a charge.
  • If you would like free pre-overdue and overdue reminders sent to your email or mobile phone, please speak to a member of library staff.    
Fines per dayResidentsNon
Secondary school
students 12-14 &
young adults 15-17
Leisure card 
over 60*
Talking books (inc Playaways)£0.16£0.20n/a£0.08£0.16£0.16
Language courses£0.16£0.20n/a£0.08£0.16£0.16
Younger children's DVDs£0.55£0.85n/a£0.85£0.85£0.85

Losing your card

  • If your Hillingdon First Card is lost or damaged, report it and request a replacement, or call 01895 556556. 
  • If you lose your library card please let the library know immediately
  • You will be responsible for any items borrowed on your card before the library staff are notified.
    There will be a charge for a new card.
Lost library cardResidentsNon
Secondary school
students 12-14 &
young adults 15-17
Leisure card 
over 60*
Other charges may apply for HillingdonFirst cards£2.05£2.20£1.05£1.05£2.05£2.05


Print outsBlack and white internet prints per sheet£0.20
 Colour internet prints per sheet£0.40
 CD Rom/microform prints per sheet£0.30
FaxOutgoing fax UK* for first sheet
*Please ask for prices for other destinations

Outgoing fax UK* for subsequent sheets
*Please ask for prices for other destinations

 Incoming fax£1.05
PhotocopiesBlack and white A4£0.10
 Black and white A3£0.20
 Colour A4£1.05
 Colour A3£1.55

* Changing to 65+ from 18 April 2017. Current 60+ members will be unaffected. 

Prices current as at November 2016

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