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Memorial fees for cemeteries

For the right to erect or place on a grave in which an Exclusive Right of Burial has been granted.

Fees do not apply for the initial memorial for grave spaces purchased 1/4/1990 to 31/3/2013. All other fees applicable irrespective of when grave space was purchased.

For any grave space purchased from 1 April 2013, fees are applicable.

Lawn type memorial£ 145.00
Full memorial£ 294.00
Cremation section memorial£ 145.00
Child section memorial£ 136.00

For the right to carry out the following works on all graves  

Additional inscriptions£   66.00
Additional works / refurbishments£   66.00
Placement of a trade name upon memorials£   34.00

Miscellaneous services and memorials available from The London Borough of Hillingdon  

Removal of a lawn memorial£ 105.00
Replacement of a lawn memorial£ 105.00
Removal of a full memorial£ 150.00
Replacement of a full memorial£ 150.00
Removal of a cremation / child section memorial£   80.00
Replacement of a cremation / child section memorial£   80.00


Issue of duplicate Deed of Grant£   25.00
Transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial£   50.00
Cancellation fee (chargeable when grave digging has commenced)£ 245.00
Additional fees for Interments on Saturday morningsFull Interments£ 465.00
 Cremated Remains£ 250.00


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