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The service


The mourners will normally gather at the Crematorium close to the entrance to the chapel a few minutes before the appointed time of the funeral service.


The service normally takes 30 minutes unless extra time has been booked in advance.

When the principal mourners are ready to proceed, the coffin is usually brought into the chapel by bearers from the Funeral Director or the family. While it is being placed on the catafalque (raised platform) the mourners take their seats and the service proceeds.

When the committal takes place, the coffin will be obscured from view by the closing of the curtains and the coffin will pass through the catafalque door into the committal room adjacent to the chapel.

There is an option of leaving the coffin on view until all the mourners have left the chapel, and this should be agreed with the funeral director and minister.


The mourners will then proceed to the flower terrace to view the floral tributes before leaving the Crematorium.

The cremation will normally follow immediately after the service.

Religious ceremony

If it is intended to hold a religious ceremony prior to the cremation, the service may be held in either of the chapels, or if so desired, may take place in the deceased regular place of worship with only the committal being held at the crematorium.

For those who wish to carry out a non-religious or secular service, the religious artefacts can be removed from the chapels upon prior request.

Further information

The staff at Breakspear Crematorium are available during office hours to offer support, advice and assistance if required.


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