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The cremation

The cremation will normally follow immediately after the service.

The coffin is withdrawn into the committal room where the name plate is carefully checked by crematorium staff to ensure the correct identity. An identity card will then accompany the coffin and the resultant remains until their final disposal or removal from the crematorium.

If relatives wish to witness the committal of the coffin into the cremator this must be arranged with the Crematorium Superintendent. It is preferable to advise the Funeral Director of these requirements as early as possible when making the funeral arrangements..

The coffin is placed in the cremator in exactly the same condition as it was received. The body and the coffin are then cremated.


Any metals used in the construction of the coffin or medical implants are extracted from the cremated remains.

If the body is cremated with jewellery, the temperature is such that it is no longer recognisable or retrievable.

Any metallic material remaining is recycled and donations are given to nominated charitable causes.


The cremated remains (ashes) are normally available for collection from 10am on the second working day following the funeral service, but it is always advisable to check with the Crematorium before making a special journey. 

The cremated remains may be laid to rest by being scattered within in the Gardens of Remembrance at the Crematorium, or placed within the columbarium room or in a garden niche, if this is chosen, or removed for resting elsewhere.

To enable the bereaved to make an unhurried decision, the cremated remains may be left in temporary deposit for a period of up to two months free of charge, or for a longer period, on payment of a small monthly sum.

For those who choose to remove the cremated remains a container, for transportation purposes only, is supplied free of charge. Alternatively, a wooden casket or suitable container may be supplied by the funeral director or family.


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