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Book the cremation

Bookings can be made by calling the crematorium office on 01895 556560/1 during office hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm

If you require further information please contact the Crematorium office

Full payment must accompany your application. Please make your cheque payable to London Borough of Hillingdon. We are able to accept most credit and debit cards.

Application for cremation

Page 1 [781kb]

Page 2 [493kb]

Page 3 [803kb]

Page 4 [691kb]

Forms for doctors and funeral directors

Notice of cremation - usually completed by funeral director 

Page 1 [736kb] 

Page 2 [1003kb]  

Cremation form 4 - Medical Certificate - completed by GP or hospital doctor who has been treating the deceased

Page 1 [608kb] 

Page 2 [608kb]

Page 3 [615kb]

Page 4 [680kb]

Cremation form 5 - Confirmatory Medical Certificate - completed by hospital doctor or GP who has been fully registered for more than 5 years

Page 1 [698kb] 

Page 2 [501kb]

Page 3 [527kb]

Ashes Authority [921kb] - signed by the applicant when making funeral arrangements with the funeral director



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