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Lesson terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for parents signing their child up to Music School, group or individual tuition.

Here are the main terms and conditions that apply to teaching provided by Hillingdon Music Hub. Please read them carefully before signing your child up to have lessons with us.

When do I have to pay?

The first fee is payable before lessons commence and this is non-refundable. When a student starts partway through a term the full fee is payable but a credit is given on the next term's invoice. Thereafter, we will invoice you before the start of each term. Fees are payable each term in advance.

How do I pay?

Your first payment can be made by telephone using a credit or debit card - please contact the office on 01895 558108 when you have completed your enrolment form (or email us on music@hillingdon.gov.uk for a callback). Subsequent payments will be made to the London Borough of Hillingdon Corporate Debtors Dept on receipt of an invoice prior to the start of each term.

Do I get a credit for missed lessons?

Credits or refunds are not normally made if a student fails to attend for whatever reason. We cannot make a credit or refund when a teacher is available but unable to teach because of school trips, exams, school closures for staff training etc., although our teachers do try to be as flexible as possible to avoid such situations. For lessons missed due to long-term sickness or injury, a maximum of 5 lessons will be credited on your next invoice. Lessons missed due to teacher absence will be credited at the end of the academic year.

What if I don't pay my fees?

After the student's first term we will invoice you before the start of each term. If fees are not paid, a reminder will be sent and if fees are still not paid the lessons will be suspended until payment is received. All outstanding debts will be processed by the Civic Centre Corporate Debtors department.. If outstanding fees are paid at this stage it may be possible for tuition to restart with the agreement of the instrumental teacher.

Where do you teach?

Most lessons take place during the school day at school, and will usually mean that a child will miss part of their normal class. Wherever possible our peripatetic staff work a rota system to minimise this. Our staff are not responsible for escorting children to and from lessons.

What do I do if my child wants to give up?

Written notice should reach us by the end of the preceding term. If you withdraw your child without notice a term's fee will be payable. See the thinking of giving up? page for how to give notice.

How many sessions are there each term?

Because term length varies, there may be 11 or 12 sessions in a longer term and perhaps only 8 or 9 during a shorter term. We offer 30 sessions over the course of the school year. For administrative purposes we always invoice for 10 sessions per term. Please see the Music Service School Year information on the website for the teaching weeks.

Can I hire an instrument from you?

With the exception of guitars and keyboards, you can hire an instrument from us. Some instruments are only available for the first two years of tuition and when string players progress to a full size instrument they are also expected to purchase their own instrument. Please use the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme which enables parents to purchase instruments through us without paying VAT.

Are lessons individual or group?

Most of our Standard lessons are taught on a group basis according to age and ability. Sometimes we teach short individual lessons instead (10-15 minutes depending on the age of the child). Individual lessons are available when your child goes through to Advanced Tuition on recommendation by the teacher when reaching the appropriate standard

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