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Charges for history resources

SourceType of searchDetails requiredCharge inc 1 photocopy & VAT ResidentsCharge inc 1 photocopy & VAT Non-resident
Census1 addressAddress and year
  Surname and first name£1.80 each£3.00
Census name indexSurnameSame address in subsequent years

£1.80 - to include copies of 6 entries, further copies to be charged at 50p per 6 entries


Local Newspapers

Article on one specific event

Month and year£3.60£7.00

Electoral Register


Name & address

Name & town

£3.60 (5 year search)

£7.00 (5 year search)


Occupant at 1 address


£3.60 (5 year search)

£7.00 (5 year search)

Occupant at 1 address or trade

Address or trade & year

£3.60 (5 year search)


Parish Registers

Entry of baptism, marriage or burial

Name & event

£1.80 per name

£3.00 per name

Rate Books

Occupant at 1 address

Address & year

£3.60 (5 year search) transcript only, no photocopy

£7.00 (5 year search) transcript only, no photocopy


Article on 1 specific topic


£3.60 maximum 5 pages, further pages @ 20p each

£7.00 maximum 5 pages, further pages @ 20p each


Photos of 1 specific place or topic


£3.60 maximum 5 photocopies not to publication standard

£7.00 maximum 5 photocopies not to publication standard


Extract showing 1 area


£3.60 up to 5 editions OS

£7.00 up to 5 editions OS


Only for items selected in person


A4:  10p       A3: 20p


In the event that no information is found the charge will still be levied. Other research to be at the rate of £15.50 per half hour for residents, £20.00 for non-residents.    


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