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Useful information on our grass cutting service

Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions.


Why is the grass cutting behind schedule?

Hundreds of miles of grass cutting across the borough are carried out and many things can interrupt the normal schedules such as weather, environmental issues, machinery failure and staffing. The Green Spaces team are responsible for ensuring that any issues are picked up and the necessary steps are taken to prevent delay and ensure that grass cutting is kept on schedule. We currently have staff working extra hours to help catch up.

Grass has been left on the footpath. Will you be coming back to remove this?

The grass cutting operatives are instructed to remove grass clippings from footpaths, driveways and road gutters. They are required to sweep or use a blowing machine to move the clippings back onto the surface of the cut grass. Please also see next point of info below. 

Why has the edge been cut but not the middle of the grass and vice versa?

Our operatives are in teams of two or three and consists of

  • one ride-on mower operator
  • one or two strimmer/blower operators

Due to the speed of ride-on mower, the strimmer/blower can often be behind by a number of hours. For example you may have seen the main grass cut during the morning but the edges and the sweeping or blowing may not be carried out until the afternoon or early the next day. Please wait at least 48 hours before contacting the council with your concern as the operatives may well be on route already.

Will you remove and collect grass cuttings?

Unfortunately it is not feasible to carry out this work. It would be extremely labour intensive, carries excessive waste costs and is not economically viable as a borough wide operation. 

Why has this area been missed?

There are many reasons for this but some of the most common are as below;

There are many areas that are deemed as missed but in reality it is simply that there has been a growth spurt or the grass has run to seed in the period between cuts.

Areas where Daffodil have been flowering will be left uncut for at least six weeks after the flowers have finished, this is a horticultural requirement, and will be cut during the next round after this period of time.

  • Some areas may suffer from standing water after periods of heavy rain and prolonged wet weather. If our grass cutting operatives are unable to access the grass they will leave the area and return during the next round to try again. This will usually only apply to large open areas of ground. Many sites in severe wet weather periods may be partially cut. Often in wet weather grounds conditions, the grass cutting operatives will cut large areas of a particular site only, leaving other areas that are too wet and impossible to cut without causing excessive damage. It is best practice to cut as much as possible rather than to leave the entire site uncut.
  • Some large areas of parkland and playing fields are also cut by heavy mounted equipment. Ground/weather conditions therefore have more of an impact resulting in some 'field' areas being cut at totally different times to the edges. 

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