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Type of search

Details required

Charge incl 1 photocopy & VAT:

Charge incl 1 photocopy & VAT: 


1 Address

Address & year
Surname & first name


£1.80 each



Local Newspapers

Article on one specific event

Month & year



Electoral Register

Name & address

Name & town

£3.60 (5 year search) transcript only, no photocopy

£7.00 (5 year search) transcript only, no photocopy


Occupant at 1 address


£3.60 (5 year search)

£7.00 (5 year search)


Occupant at 1 address or trade

Address or trade & year

£3.60 (5 year search)

£7.00 (5 year search)

Parish Register transcripts

Entry of baptism, marriage or burial

Name & event

£1.80 per name

£3.00 per name

Rate Books

Occupant at 1 address

Address & year

£3.60 (5 year search) transcript only, no photocopy

£7.00 (5 year search)  transcript only, no photocopy


Article on 1 specific topic


£3.60 maximum 5 pages, further pages @ 20p each

£7.00 maximum 5 pages, further pages @ 20p each


Photos of 1 specific place or topic


£3.60 maximum 5 photocopies not to publication standard.

£7.00 maximum 5 photocopies not to publication standard


Extract showing 1 area


£3.60 up to 5 editions OS

£7.00 up to 5 editions OS


Only for items selected in person


A4 10p

   A3 20p 



A4 20p  double sided 40p

    A3 40p
    Colour A4 40p
    Colour A3  80p

VHS to DVD copying

For home videos only, no commercial films or taped from TV, per tape



Photograph prints

Printed on photographic paper from digital image

6" x 4"


  8" x 6"£9.50
  10" x 8"£10.50
  12" x 10"£13.00

Digital images


1 JPEG image

£5.00   emailed  

+ £2.50 if on CD

Reproduction fee

The commercial reproduction fee is added to the cost of the image.  This includes reproduction in books, magazines, or on websites, or for commercial use such as display in a restaurant or office.




No set fee is charged to local groups; we request a donation for the work of the service.


In the event that no information is found the charge will still be levied.

Other research to be at the rate of £15.50 per half hour for residents, £20.00 for non-residents.   






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