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The cowboys!

What to look for with the cowboy builders and repairmen.

Cowboy builders - what should you look out for?

  • He knocks at your door and has a polite, friendly but insistent manner while selling his services;
  • He is "working in your area and noticed that your drive/roof etc needs urgent attention";
  • His vehicle may look businesslike, with a yellow flashing beacon and/or "Motorway maintenance", "TARMAC" or a company name emblazoned on it;
  • He sometimes quotes a low price without a thorough survey of the work "required";
  • He tells you that he's got some tarmac, or other materials, left over from another job;
  • He says that the work is very urgent and he'll do it straight away;
  • He does not give you a schedule of work to be done, "You can trust me";
  • If there is any paperwork, there is either no address at all, or something vague and fictitious, e.g. 'Our Street, Any Town';
  • There is usually only a Mobile phone number sometimes not even that. Generally their mobile phone numbers don't work after a few days/week or two.

Cowboy repairmen

Some unscrupulous traders that visit your home to repair appliances like washing machines, cookers or televisions, video recorders or TV aerials, con unsuspecting consumers by charging for bogus parts or labour costs. Relying on the limited knowledge of the consumer these cowboy traders rip people off by claiming for repairs that aren't necessary or charge for new parts that haven't actually been replaced.

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