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Uxbridge South

Ward Councillors

Projects funded in 2018

  • A grant to Crown Church towards the purchase of a laptop for media and presentations.
  • A grant to St Andrew's C of E Primary School towards furnishings for the nursery school expansion.
  • A grant to 2nd Uxbridge Girls and Boys Brigade towards a new laptop, digital camera and associated software.

Projects funded in 2017

  • A grant to Fassnidge Bowls Club towards new indoor bowls equipment.
  • A grant to Rusty Bike Cafe towards replacement flooring in the cafe.
  • A grant to National Federation of Occupational Pensioners (NFOP), Uxbridge branch to fund day outings for local members and associates (joint grant with Uxbridge North and Uxbridge South wards).
  • A grant to Disablement Association Hillingdon (DASH) towards a music and dance festival in Fassnidge Park (joint grant with Uxbridge North and Uxbridge South wards).
  • A grant to Our Lady of Lourdes Toddler Group for play equipment and books.
  • A grant to Whitehall School to purchase resources for an after school reading club.
  • A grant to Hillingdon Street Angels to purchase clothing/uniforms and equipment (joint grant with Uxbridge North and Uxbridge South wards).

Projects funded in 2016

  • A grant to Recycle-a-bike Uxbridge Ltd for exterior festive lighting.
  • A grant to Addiction Recovery Community Hillingdon (ARCH) towards the installation of electricity supply and insulation for a summer house (Joint grant with Uxbridge North and Uxbridge South wards).
  • A grant to Uxbridge Forward towards a children's Christmas Lantern workshop (Joint grant with Uxbridge North and Uxbridge South wards).
  • A grant to Cobden Close Tenants and Residents Association towards a coach trip to a Christmas Market.
  • A grant to Cowley Bowls Club for the purchase of new mats and bowls collectors.
  • A grant to St Margarets Church for the purchase of a new dishwasher for the coffee shop.
  • A grant to Recycle-a-bike Uxbridge Ltd towards renovation works on Fassnidge Yard (new location for RAB).
  • A grant to Cowley St Laurence Primary School to fund 'A Great British Picnic' event to bring the school and community together.

Projects funded in 2015

  • A grant to the Uxbridge Forward towards a Christmas Lantern event (Joint grant with Uxbridge North and Uxbridge South wards).
  • A grant to St Andrew's C of E Primary School for new digital recording, lighting and sound equipment.
  • A grant to Uxbridge Community Centre to purchase new furniture.
  • A grant to Cowley Bowling Club to purchase six new score boards.
  • A grant to 1st Uxbridge Scout Group towards the creation of a 'safe space' for children with behavioural difficulties.
  • A grant to St Margaret's Church towards purchasing a storage unit for children's toys and clothes.
  • A grant to Cobden Close Residents Association for travel costs for a cultural outing.
  • A grant to St Margaret's Church towards a new cooker. 

Projects funded in 2014

  • A joint grant with Uxbridge North for Uxbridge Forward to fund a children's Christmas puppet workshop.
  • A grant to 1st Uxbridge Scouts for a nature reserve and equipment.
  • A grant to the Uxbridge Centre for an information display panel for the Conservation Area Advisory Panel.
  • A grant to 2nd Uxbridge Boys and Girls Brigade indoor team activities.
  • A grant to Whitehall Infants School to provide additional play space and activities for the children.
  • A grant to the Uxbridge Centre Community Centre to purchase three mobile folding screens.
  • A grant to the Cobden Close Sheltered Housing scheme to purchase exercise equipment for over 60's keep fit activities.
  • A grant to the Our Lady of Lourdes mother and toddler group to purchase new toys and play equipment.
  • A grant to St Laurence Church to replace the storage shed used by the mothers and toddlers group.
  • A grant to the Uxbridge Centre playgroup for imaginative play equipment.

Projects funded in 2013

  • A grant to the Hillingdon Street Angels towards training and equipping volunteers for additional evening provision within Uxbridge town centre.
  • A grant to Mandela Court sheltered housing group to facilitate a range of outings for the elderly residents.
  • A grant towards Uxbridge Forward Christmas Event.
  • A grant to Belmont Patient Participation Group for banners and publicity materials.
  • A grant to Smartie Tot's toddler group for walk and ride toys.

Projects funded in 2012

  • A grant to renovate a storage area at the Uxbridge Centre.
  • A grant to 1st Uxbridge Scout group for sport and craft equipment.
  • A grant to the Uxbridge Centre to run three outings for the OAP group.
  • A grant to purchase new furniture for the Oasis Coffee Bar at St Margaret's Church.

Projects funded in 2009/10

  • New equipment for 1st Uxbridge Scout Group.
  • New seating at Rockingham Recreation Ground.
  • New equipment for Greenway Community Centre.
  • New dishwasher, fridge and freezer for Uxbridge Older People Association.
  • Vegetable garden for St Andrew's Primary School.

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