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What we investigate

Hillingdon Council, as the local planning authority, investigates possible breaches of planning control and our powers to deal with these cases.

Before making your report, ensure that you have all of the correct information and facts relating to an issue you suspect to be a breach of planning control.

You can ask us to investigate possible breaches of planning control that are listed below.

Unlawful front, side or rear extension to a property

  • The building of an extension to an original property that exceed the size restrictions and associated conditions allowed under existing permitted development rights.

Large outbuilding

  • The construction of a detached building within the boundary of a property/site that exceeds the size restrictions and associated conditions allowed under existing permitted development rights.

Unlawful shape change to a roof

Large porch

Unlawful sky lights

  • Installation of windows and/or skylights in a side elevation wall or side roof plane that does not comply with a householder's permitted development rights.

Unlawful fence, wall or enclosure

Construction of driveway without planning consent

  • The construction of a new drive or hard-standing at the front of a residential property leading to/from the public highway that does not comply with the associated conditions allowed under permitted development.

Raised platform, decking or veranda or patio

  • The creation of a raised area exceeding 30 centimetres (300 millimetres) in height from the original ground level or conversion of a single storey roof to a veranda, terrace or balcony.

Unlawful installation of solar panels

  • Installation of solar panels on a property exceeding the dimensions and associated conditions allowed under existing permitted development rights

Unlawful installation of a satellite dish

  • The installation of more than two antennas, any antenna exceeding 100cms in diameter, and/or reaching higher than the highest part of a roof.  

Outbuilding being lived in (sometimes referred to as 'beds in sheds')

  • The use of an outbuilding as a separate and self-contained home, independently of the main house.

Unlawful subdivision of a property

  • The subdivision of an existing property to create multiple sub units, this can include the creation of separate and self-contained flats within a house or other building.

House in multiple occupation with seven or more people

  • The use of a house as a single household by seven  or more unrelated individuals, sharing communal facilities without the benefit of planning permission from the council.

Unlawful use of land

Planning conditions not complied with 

  • Development that has planning permission but is not carried out in accordance with the conditions and limitations imposed as part of that approval.
  • This may include:
    • Not in accordance with approved plans - The development is significantly larger than that shown in the approved plans and/or is a totally different design.
    • Failure to submit a details application - before works start on site.
    • Failure to meet conditions - Examples could include failure to plant trees and shrubs, protect trees, installation of additional doors and windows, failure to use obscure glaze and non opening windows, failure of a business to keep to agreed opening hours.

Note: Planning Services are not responsible for the investigation of suspected breaches of informative's attached to planning permission. Breaches in hours of work, noise pollution or damage to a footpath/grass verge during the building works are dealt by our Anti Social Behaviour Investigations Team.

Unlawful changes to a listed building

  • Works carried out to a Listed building without Listed Building Consent and/or planning permission.
  • Demolition of a wall or building within a conservation area without conservation area consent.

Unlawful changes to a business premises 

  • Unauthorised development or alterations to a business premises where planning permission has not been obtained.


  • Permanent advertisements that require express consent under the Advertisement Regulations but which are displayed without consent, eg adverts above shop windows and on business premises.

Note: Fly posting, estate agent boards, banners and other temporary adverts are investigated by the Anti-social Behaviour Investigation Team.

Disregarding planning notices

  • Failure to comply with the requirements of existing planning legal notices, such as enforcement notices, breach of condition notices and Section 215 Notices (untidy land).

Report a planning breach

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