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Cycling and walking dogs within our parks

We welcome cycling as we do dog walking but we ask our park users to be respectful.

Dog in park

Be considerate

Everyone has an equal part to play in making sure our parks can be enjoyed safely. Our parks welcome a variety of users, including pedestrians, joggers, dog walkers, cyclists and rollerbladers/skaters. Although pedestrians have priority over all other users, everyone is asked to use the pathways considerately.

Be safe

Everyone needs to take care especially when passing other users, and also to give space so others feel comfortable. Dog walkers need to keep your dog leashed in areas requested, and under control if off lead.

Be seen and heard

We recommend visitors are seen and heard in low visibility conditions. Using cyclists British Standard approved protective equipment and wearing high visibility clothing will help others be aware of your presence in low visibility conditions.

As some park visitors have visual and hearing impairments we also recommend using a bell to alert people of your approach if needed. Pedestrians should be aware that wearing dark clothing means you may not be very visible in low light conditions. Dog walkers, when choosing a lead consider a bright colour so others can see the lead across the path.

Be polite

Giving way, saying 'thanks', 'excuse me' or 'sorry' are easy ways to help each other have an great experience in the park. All of our visitors, no matter the activity they undertake whilst in the park, come to the park for the same reason - to enjoy the special green spaces that they are. By every visitor being polite and considering the impact they have on others, we all contribute to a more harmonious space.

Think Park

Our visitors come to the park to relax, explore and exercise, which makes our pathways unsuitable for fast travel. Cyclists, if you are in a hurry or do not want to slow your pace, consider using another route outside the park.

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