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Maintaining your garden

If you have a garden as part of your tenancy it is your responsibility to keep the garden and any hedges tidy.

Your lease/tenancy agreement says you must ensure the garden is kept reasonably tidy by cutting the lawn, trimming the hedges and bushes and keeping it free of rubbish and weeds. This means maintaining the garden on a regular basis and keeping hedges and shrubs to a reasonable size.

Hedges or shrubs on the boundary of your home must be trimmed to ensure they do not cause a nuisance to others by obstructing footpaths or shared access. You should not use the garden inappropriately to store items or to allow rubbish to accumulate in it.

You must not damage or cut down any tree in your garden unless you have our written permission. You must not park a motor vehicle or trailer, caravan or boat anywhere in your garden without our written permission.

If gardens are not maintained

Where gardens are allowed to deteriorate and cause a nuisance Tenancy Management will consider taking action under the lease/tenancy agreement. The council recognises that in some cases there can be good reasons why someone has not been able to maintain their garden, for example, due to age or a disability. In these circumstances you may be able to get help from the council to resolve the problem.

Note: This service is only available for council tenants.

Garden maintenance service

If you are interested in the garden maintenance service, please register your details through our online services and a tenancy management officer will contact you to discuss your eligibility or contact your Tenancy Management Service for further information.

Report unkept gardens

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