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Parking vehicles at your home

On estates, parking is on a first come first served basis. If your house has a drop curb from the roadway and has suitable hardstanding you may park in a front garden.

Unless you have the permission of the tenancy management team you may not park in the rear garden.

Renting a garage or parking space

Many of the garages and parking spaces managed by us are let to people as part of the tenancy of their home but there are also a number of independent garages and secure parking spaces, in different parts of the borough, which may be rented by residents of Hillingdon who are not tenants or leaseholders of L.B Hillingdon. Priority will be given to tenants and leaseholders who are resident on the estate where the garage or parking space is located.

How to apply contact your housing officer and list the locations where you want to be considered for a garage/parking space.

The form asks if you receive a mobility allowance or you drive a vehicle for someone who has a mobility allowance. Higher priority is awarded to these applicants but we will need confirmation so please provide full information.

If you owe rent you will need to clear your arrears before you will be rented a garage.

Applying for a disabled parking bay on a housing estates

The council are committed to meeting the needs of disabled tenants and leaseholders, where it is reasonable and practicable to do so.

We will consider requests from registered blue badge holders who keep a vehicle registered at their probationary, secure tenancy or leasehold address. We do not apply any further criteria in considering such requests. An officers will proceed to mark out a bay as close as possible to the disabled persons home.

Allocating a garage or parking space

Each tenancy management team keep a waiting list of people wanting to rent garages/parking spaces in the local area. Any necessary repairs will be carried out first, then the waiting list will then be checked to see if there are eligible applicants.

If there is more than one eligible applicant the allocation will be offered in the following priority order:

  • Current tenant or leaseholder with a disability
  • Current tenant or leaseholder
  • Non tenant/leaseholder with a disability
  • Non tenant/leaseholder


A weekly charge is made for a garage or parking space which covers the basic rental and general rates but may include water rates depending on the drainage arrangements for the individual garage plus VAT in some circumstances. When a garage is rented there are rules that limit how the garage can be used. These are as follows, the garage must:

  • only be used to park a private car
  • not keep petrol, oil, LPG or other inflammable spirits in the garage
  • not use the garage to run a business
  • not be used as storage save for in specially designated locations as advised by the tenancy management teams
  • must be kept for their own use. They must not sub let the garage or any part of the garage to anyone else.
  • The agreement can be ended by us or the tenant giving seven days notice.

Your tenancy agreement says

You can only park where there are suitable parking spaces.

You must not park lorries, any type of commercial vehicle, boats, caravans, trailers or other similar vehicles on your property, on the roads around your home or on other communal area land.

Any vehicle brought onto your property or the estate must be taxed and in a roadworthy condition, if they are not we will take action to removed it from the property. Ultimately this may result in the vehicle being destroyed.

When you/your visitors park you must make sure you/they do not cause a nuisance or annoyance to other people as you will be held responsible. This means you should park responsibly taking care not to obstruct roads, pathways other peoples access to their home, garage or parking space.

You need to be aware of the noise you may create driving and parking. Noise from audio equipment and closing doors etc should be kept to a minimum.

Breaking the agreement

If the rules about how the garage can be used are broken we may serve notice ending the rental agreement.

Before taking this action we will try to reach an arrangement to come back in line with their rental agreement. If it is not possible to come to an arrangement then a notice to quit will be served giving seven days notice, after this time the garage or parking space will be repossessed. Any costs involved in clearing property will be recharged to the former tenant.

Giving up a garage/parking space

If you want to give up a garage or parking space you need to give seven days notice to us.

By the end of the period you must remove any property you have in the garage and return the keys to the local tenancy management team. You should contact your Local area housing office for a termination form and return it back to them once completed.

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