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Internal decoration assistance

The council is not responsible for the internal decoration of your home (except in certain circumstances).

If repairs have been carried out, the council may be responsible for redecoration. Also the council currently operates a two room, internal decoration, every five years scheme, for:

  • pensioners
  • disabled tenants (with a disability or illness which prevents them from undertaking the work)
  • people with mental ill health where in all cases there is no adult (over 18 and under 60 years) who is able bodied residing as part of the household

Note: This policy is under review so there maybe some changes. You should check with Tenancy Management service for the current status.

Tenants who live in sheltered housing (warden controlled) do not need to apply as there is a programme of internal decorations for all these properties.


Where an eligible tenant occupies a bedsit room or one bedroom accommodation the whole property will be redecorated.

Eligible tenants have two options:

  1. the council carry out the decorations (usually during October to March)
  2. the tenant, relative or friend carry out the works and then receive a payment of an allowance (the amount of which is reviewed each year)

A list is kept of potentially eligible tenants and is regularly updated. A tenant may check at any time to see if they are on the list. However inclusion on the list for a certain year does not guarantee that decorations, voucher or payment allowance will be offered.

An application/occupancy form must be completed each time the decorations are scheduled to take place (contact your Tenancy Management service for this form).

Evidence of the disability will be required to support an application (if the information is not already held within the tenancy records).

Note: It may not be possible to carry out decorations to all those eligible on the list in any one year. This means that some will be carried forward to the next year. Eligible tenants applications will be dealt with on a strict date order basis (of the original application).

Change of circumstances

If your circumstances change and you are no longer eligible you must contact your housing adviser.

Right to buy tenants

Right to buy tenants who had their application accepted are no longer eligible. If they subsequently withdraw their right to buy they will need to make a new application if they want to have decorations carried out under this scheme.

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