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Right to appeal

Our SEND team works closely with parents/carers to explain the decision-making process, talk through why decisions have been made and agree on how to proceed.

If an agreement can't be reached about how best to meet a child's education, health or social care needs, these are the steps you can take to find a resolution.

Mediation and dispute resolution

Mediation is an informal, voluntary process where an independent facilitator (the mediator) supports discussions, so that agreements that are acceptable to all parties can be reached. The mediator does not take sides but makes sure everyone is treated fairly. This service for Hillingdon residents is available from Kids. 

Find out more about mediation and dispute resolution

SEND Tribunal Service

If an agreement cannot be reached through mediation, parents/carers (or a young person with the support of their parent/carer) can appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability). Appeals must be lodged within 2 months of the date of the decision, or within 1 month of a mediation meeting.

To register your appeal, you must:

  • supply a copy of the decision that you are appealing against
  • state the date when Hillingdon Council made their decision or the date of the mediation
  • give reasons why you are appealing.

Find out more about the SEND Tribunal Service

Page last updated: 03 Oct 2022