It's been quite a journey for Carla who previously worked in the banking industry in the United States while raising her children as a single parent, to fostering more than 50 children in the space of 12 years.

Foster carer CarlaCarla has been fostering since 2007.

She has provided a warm, nurturing home to children of all ages. Whatever their background and whatever their needs, Carla treats them as individuals, focusing on their individual needs.

"Watching the way my girls grew with me as their only guide made me realise I have so much to offer children who are less fortunate.

When I looked into fostering, I also saw it as a job that is home-based, allowing me to also invest time into my children, without impacting my role in caring for other children. 

I chose to foster for Hillingdon as I understood there would be a lot of support and guidance, as well as training opportunities. I have always felt supported by the fostering team. My suggestions have always been recognised and I have always felt part of a team, looking out for the best interest of the child.

But the most important part of the role is the change you can make to a youngster's life.

I am so proud of my own children, who are also part of my support, often inputting their interpretation of how the child may be feeling or reasons for their behaviour, which sometimes might be hard for me to see as an adult. But my daughters will keep reminding me of things and really help me to understand why the child might be behaving that way and have an idea for something we can try and do to help them.

Being involved with the fostering has made my daughters appreciate their lives so much. Before, they might have taken things like presents and holidays for granted but now they realise that children can be raised in so many different backgrounds and situations.

They have also really embraced the children who have been in my care, and accepted them as part of the family. One of my foster children was with us for six years. He has been on holiday with us and visits at Christmas. He remains part of the family and my daughters think of him as a brother."

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Page last updated: 07 May 2021