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Secure and secure flexible tenancies

If you do not breach the tenancy conditions you will become a secure or secure flexible tenant after 12 months.

Becoming a secure or secure flexible tenant

Hillingdon offer secure flexible tenancies to new tenants. View the tenancy policy [173kb] for more information.

Once you are a secure tenant you have the same rights as all other secure tenants.

You must continue to meet all the conditions of your tenancy agreement. If you don't we can still take action against you and you could end up losing your home.

Your housing officer will monitor your probationary tenancy regularly to ensure that you are behaving as a responsible tenant.We will help you to keep to your tenancy agreement by explaining the conditions of the agreement and by visiting you to help you settle into your new home and to discuss any problems you may be having. We aim to carry out this visit about six weeks from your tenancy start date, and again after nine months.

All flexible tenancies have a fixed end date. Before the end of your flexible tenancy the council will undertake a formal review to determine if you should be granted a fresh flexible tenancy at the end of your current tenancy. This new tenancy could relate to the property you currently live in or it could relate to suitable alternative accommodation which best meets the needs of your household. The outcome of this review will be communicated to you not less than six months before the end of your current tenancy. Further information can be found in the council's tenancy review policy [50kb].

Breaking the rules of your probationary tenancy

If you break the conditions of your tenancy during the probationary period, and you do not put the matter right immediately, we will either extend your probationary tenancy by six months or will apply to the County Court for possession of your property and we will evict you.

It is important to remember that if we are awarded a possession order against you as a probationary tenant you will lose your home. Therefore, if you experience any problems during your first year as a tenant you must contact your housing officer at once.

During the probationary period we check regularly to make sure you are meeting the conditions of your tenancy. This includes:

  • monitoring your rent account every week
  • investigating any complaints of nuisance or anti-social behaviour we receive about you, anyone living with you (including your children) or your visitors
  • visiting you at home to make sure you are looking after your property (and garden if you have one) and meeting the other conditions of your agreement.

If you have problems meeting the conditions of your tenancy we can offer practical help, advice and support. If we feel it is appropriate and if you are in agreement we will ask other agencies such as social services and educational welfare to provide help.

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