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Council tax: student discount

The full council tax bill assumes that there are two adults residing in a dwelling. For council tax purposes certain people are not counted in the total number of adults. The discount may be 25% to 50%.

Young people

Example: four adults residing in a property:

  1. one person in disregarded category - 100% charge as there are still more than two adults to be counted;
  2. two persons in disregarded category - 100% charge as there are still two adults to be counted;
  3. three persons in disregarded category - 75% charge as only adult to be counted;
  4. four persons in disregarded category - 50% charge as there are no adults to be counted.

Note: A property which is occupied by one or more residents, ALL of whom are students, is exempt from council tax.

Eligibility for student discount

The person must be either:

  • attending a full-time course of further or higher education at a University, College or other educational establishment. The course must be at least one year's duration and involve at least 21 hours attendance per week for at least 24 weeks in the year; or
  • under 20 years of age and attending a course which lasts more than 3 calendar months and involves at least 12 hours attendance per week between 8.00am and 5.30pm. The course must not be undertaken by correspondence or in consequence of the person's job nor must it be a course of higher education.

What happens during vacations?

The person will continue to be disregarded throughout the whole period of their course which includes vacations between terms.

For how long will the discount be allowed?

For as long as there are less than two adults in the property who are not disregarded. If there is any change in circumstances then you must notify the address shown overleaf. Failure to do so may result in a penalty being imposed.

Apply for student discount

Apply now 

Provide our offices with a Student Certificate for each person issued by the Certification Officer at their college.

(The Certification Officer is likely to be the person who is responsible for the enrolment of students at the establishment. He/she will supply a certificate on request verifying the course being undertaken and the period of attendance).

This certificate should have the following information:

  1. the amount of hours they study each week
  2. the start date of the course
  3. the end date of the course
  4. the full name of the student
  5. the name and address of the University/College
  6. the official stamp of the University/College


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