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When your benefit has been assessed

What will happen next?

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When your housing benefit is assessed we will send you a letter telling you how it was worked out, how it will be paid and what you can do if you think we have made a mistake in working out your benefit.

You need to read this letter carefully to make sure you understand how your benefit has been worked out. If you need help with understanding your benefit letter, please see the guide below.

If after reading the letter you think your benefit is wrong you can: 

  • ask for more information about how we worked out your benefit
  • ask us to look again at how your benefit was worked out
  • make a formal appeal against our decision

Read more information on 'if you disagree with our assessment' by following the link under related information.

If your situation changes after your benefit has been assessed you must tell us about the change as this may alter your entitlement to benefit. The sorts of changes we need to know about include:

  • any change to your household income or savings
  • if anyone joins or leaves your household
  • any changes in your rent

If nothing changes we will still contact you from time to time to ask you to confirm all the details we hold are still correct. We may do this by sending you a short form, visiting you at home or by telephone.

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